Bound To Stay Bound

Library Corner

Review Library Corner to acquire additional information on authors, recommended reading materials for the professional, BTSB news, and articles of interest.

  1. Click on the Library Corner tab located on the top of the menu bar.
  2. Select your search criteria from the available categories (ie Author Showcase, Professional Shelf, News, and The More You Know.)

Author Showcase

This section allows you to search for information on authors by their birthdate, location or name. By selecting any of the searches listed below the author(s) name will be displayed.

Search by Birthdate:
  1. Select the Month, in the first box and date, in the second box, by using the drop down arrows located next to the boxes.
  2. Click on "Find Authors" after you have selected the month/date.
Search by Location:
  1. Click on the down arrow next to the box to select a state.
  2. Click on "Find Authors" after you have selected the state.
Browse by Name:
  1. Click on the "Find Authors" tab. You will then see a list of authors in alphabetical order. You may navigate through the alphabet letters quickly by clicking on a alphabet letter that is listed at the top or you may scroll down the pages until you locate the author's name.
To find more information on the author(s):
  1. Click on the author's name.
  2. After selecting the author's name you will be directed to a screen that will show the following information regarding the author that you selected:

    • Name, Photo and Birthplace
    • Most recent address if available
    • Author biography
    • A list of books that have been written by the author you selected. *From this book list you may add to your current booklist or create a new one.

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Featured Author

This section allows you to view information about our current and past featured authors. Displayed will be a photo along with the options to view Bibliography and other information about the author.

  1. Click on the "Bibliography" tab. This will display a list of books (in order by BTSB stock number) written by the Author you selected.
  2. To print this list — select print from your browser options or you may search for this Author by selecting the Author Showcase tab and then select Browse by Name.
About Author:
  1. Click on "About the Author". This displays a brief background on the author's life and accomplishments.

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Professional Shelf

This section displays a list of titles that BTSB feel are topics of interest for the professional. However, we do not sell these titles but recommend them for your examination.

Select a title of interest:
  1. Click on a title. – This will display the author, publisher, year published, page count along with a review written by one of our BTSB staff. Some reviews also include links to other informational websites related to the topic.
  2. To review links within the information — Click on the link and a new window will open. When you are finished reviewing the information click on the "x" located in the upper right hand corner. This will close the window.

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This section makes researching a particular author(s), professional organization, State & Regional Library Associations, Library Weeding and Librarian interest quick and easy.

You will find located at the top of the page the following links:

Authors & Illustrators State & Regional School Library Assoc
Professional Organizations Web Sites of Interest to Librarians
State & Regional Library Assoc Weeding

  1. Click on the option you want or you may scroll down through the page(s) until you find the option you are looking for.
  2. Once you select the link, the website will appear.

  3. For example:

    1. Click on Authors & Illustrators.
    2. Select Tony Abbott.
    3. Once you click on Tony Abbott a window will appear displaying Tony Abbott’s website. When you are done browsing this website, select the "x" button in the upper right hand corner of the window to close.

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This section provides fun information that occurred on a certain day in history, new and exciting changes happening within BTSB, check to see if the new State List are available or to quickly find out if Customer Service is back to regular hours. Information websites related to the topic being discuss are also included.

To view links found within the Information:
  1. Click on the link and a window will open.
  2. When you have completed your search within this window, click on the "x" located in the upper right hand corner of the window to close.
To view news from the past years:
  1. Go to the box located in the right hand corner next to "News Archive".
  2. Click on the arrow and scroll down to the year you want to search.
  3. Click on the year and your page will automatically be updated with your new search information.

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The More You Know

This section provides information on how books are prebound, Grants & Funding, Articles of Interest and a Spotlight on MARC Records.

  1. Click on the "The More You Know" tab.
  2. You may access any of the information by clicking on the subject highlighted in blue.
    • To view To view information on the Author of the article – click on About the Author, located to the left of the screen.
    • To print the article(s):
      1. Click on the Printer Friendly Version. This will open a new window.
      2. Once the new window is open you may select the print option from your browser.

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