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BTSB Collection Analysis

by Jamie Keehner

Is your library book buying budget tight? If yes, then you probably have the added responsibility of justifying the materials you purchase. Do you lack spare time to research and make book selection choices? Make the most of your budget dollar, your time, and obtain solid data showing proof of material needs using Bound To Stay Bound's Collection Analysis.

BTSB will...

Analyze your collection against nationwide standards using:

  • Copyright dates
  • Dewey classification
  • Curriculum requirements
  • Student population

Provide you a consolidated report with graphs and charts showing:

  • Copyright dates by dewey classification
  • Classification breakdown
  • Number of books needed in each Dewey category
  • A list of recommended titles within each Dewey category

This data will allow you to:

  • Make solid buying decisions based on your specific collection needs
  • Map a future collection development plan
  • Weed more thoroughly
  • Justify your purchases
  • Save valuable time
  • Create a library/media center with the educational support needed for students and faculty

This report can be sent to you in printed or electronic format, and best of all, it's FREE!

Call one of our collection analysis specialists today at 800-637-6586 for step by step instructions for uploading your collection or:

  • Log into the BTSB Bookstore at and select COLLECTIONS
  • Choose EXPORT INSTRUCTIONS, select your circulation system and follow the steps for uploading the file to your desktop
  • Select UPLOAD MARC RECORDS follow the instructions