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Cataloging Standards Update - Spring 2011

by Harry Gaylord.

Dewey Decimal Classification

A new edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, DDC23, is scheduled for release in early May 2011. The online version will be released approximately two weeks before the print version. The biggest changes will be in the 796 Sports classifications and the historical periods covered from 930-990. Many of the terms that will appear in the new edition have been updated for the sake of international vocabularies. The cost for it is $399 and pre-order information is available on the Dewey website.

MARC21 Updates

The 041 field in MARC, which is for language codes, has been updated to include two new subfields. Subfield @h is now designated for the original language of the primary content, or the language of the book itself. The new subfield @k is for the language of an intermediary translation of a title. For example, if you have a Spanish version of a title that was originally English but that same title has a French version that was released before the Spanish version came out, the French version is the “intermediary translation” and subfield @k would be used for that French version. The new subfield @m is for the language code of accompanying materials for a title. It would be used for things like CDs or posters that come with a book when the CD or poster is a different language than what the book is. These changes will take effect when LC updates its MARC fields webpage.