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Local Holdings

by BTSB Staff

Local Holdings

The MARC records provided by Bound to Stay Bound Books can be thought of as having two distinct components:

  1. Bibliographic information specific to the item being cataloged including the classification, author, title, etc.
  2. Local holdings information custom-tailored to your library’s needs and specifications.

Local holdings information is typically found in either the 852 or 949 field of the MARC record. The subfields for local holdings will vary based on automation system requirements, user set-up of the system, and local preferences. A local holdings field contains customized information such as call number, bar code number, purchase price, or other data unique to your library.

Local holdings information may also be known as copy information. One MARC record in a circulation system may contain the local holdings information for multiple copies of a title housed in the library collection.


852 Local Holdings Information

949 Local Holdings Information

The Dupcheck and the BTSB Collection Analysis features that are available through the BTSB Bookstore require users to upload their MARC records to Bound To Stay Bound. During this uploading process, you are asked where in your MARC records your local holdings information is stored.

Use this option if your data contains the holdings of multiple libraries. Entering your library's code and the subfield in which it's found will limit the analysis to your library only.