Books that last

BTSB Prebound Books last longer than any other editions!

Bound To Stay Bound books are bound to the rigid specifications of the ANSI/NISO/LBI* Z39.78-2000 standard for library binding to give them superior quality, appearance, and most importantly, long life. Only our prebound books are strong enough to withstand repeated use by young readers and still remain in good, useable condition.

Quality Binding you can depend on

The ANSI/NISO/LBI Z39.78-2000 standard is based solely on performance; every Bound To Stay Bound book meets or exceeds those performance standards.

*American National Standards Institute / National Information Standards Organization / Library Binding Institute

Our Binding

Quality Binding Quality Binding
BTSB follows LBI binding standards to assure the best possible durability. Books over 5/8″ thick are over sewn, allowing each section of pages to be sewn to adjoining sections. Books of lesser thickness are side-sewn while books with narrow margins are library adhesive bound.
Fray-Proof Corners Fray-Proof Corners
A double fold of our cover material reinforces book corners and prevents fraying, assuring that our corners always maintain a fresh appearance.
Rounding & Backing Rounding & Backing
To enable ease of opening, BTSB books undergo this process, helping them to maintain their shape and never lose pages due to broken threads.
Reinforced Endpapers Reinforced Endpapers
Exclusive 3-leaf endpapers, reinforced with a cloth hinge, are a feature of each BTSB book.
Picture Covers Picture Covers
Made from our durable KidProof material™, our BTSB Picture Cover™ Plus is imprinted with each title’s original artwork. A protective coating is applied to further enhance protection and assure increased circulation.

Best buy

BTSB… The best buy

What is the actual cost of a book in your library? The cost of acquisition plus the list price, less discount, will answer that question.

But how much will a book cost each time it circulates? The actual cost divided by the number of circulations will give you that figure. And that Cost Per Circulation may shock you!

Cost Per Circulation

BTSB best buy

List Price: $16.95 $16.89 $17.00
Discounted Price: $11.87 $15.20 *
Cost To Acquire: $8.00 $8.00 $8.00
Total Cost To Library: $19.87 $23.20 $25.00
Number Of Circulations: 10 (average) 35 (average) 100 (minimum guarantee)

Ordering Options

  1. Ordering From Our Printed Catalogs
    • Select titles from any section of the catalogs.
    • Indicate the quantity desired beside our 6-digit title number.
    • Tear out catalog pages and a completed BTSB Order Form.
    • Request our free Order Typing Service.
    • Mail or fax to BTSB along with cataloging and processing pages if applicable.
  2. Ordering By Phone (800/637-6586)
    • Reserved for brief orders of 25 books or less.
  3. Ordering By FAX (800/747-2872)
    • May be used for fast confirmation of orders.
  4. Ordering Electronically
    • Register for the BTSB Bookstore at
    • Please NOTE: Using our title numbers reduces errors and speeds your order. Completing the BTSB Order Form guarantees adherence to your order limit and shipping date.

Processing Options – Unique BTSB Services

  1. Laminated Jacket
    Original paper jacket is sealed between a 1.7 mil nylon film and paper backing
    Folded at top and bottom for double protection
    Taped on the book
  2. Spine Stamping
    Permanent imprint
    Displays classification on book spine

Processing Options – Additional Services

  1. Bar Code
    • Laser printed
    • Bar code number
    • Author
    • Title
    • Classification
    • Library name
  2. Catalog Cards
    • Shelflist
    • Main entry
    • Complete set
  3. Date Due Slip
    • Attached
    • Unattached
  4. Lexile Level
    • Printed list
    • Within MARC record
    • Available on Reading Program information label
  5. MARC Record
  6. Pocket With Date Due Grid
    • Plain or Customized with author, title, call number, bar code number and school inscription.
  7. Circulation Card
    • Customized with author, title, call number and bar code number.
  8. Reading Program Support
    • Accelerated Reader
    • Reading Counts
    • Fountas & Pinnell
  9. Security System Support
    • 3M Tattletape system
    • Checkpoint system
  10. Spine Label
    • Laser printed
    • Displays classification on book spine


Bound to Stay Bound catalogs all materials according to Anglo-American Cataloging Rules.
We provide MARC records using MARC21 standards.


  1. Classification
    • Dewey Decimal Classification
    • Library of Congress Call Number
  2. Subject Headings
    • Sears
    • Library of Congress Subject Headings for Children

Automated System Options

  1. MARC Records
    • Bibliographic data available for all titles
    • IBM and MAC formats available
    • 3 ¼” disk, CD-ROM, or website download
    • Sample MARC record
    • MARC records are always free from Bound To Stay Bound; however, there will be a $20.00 media charge per shipment for CD-ROMs and disks. You may download records for free from our web site for each shipment. Records may be downloaded for 6 months from the invoice date. Orders are limited to two shipments
  2. ‘Smart’ Bar Code LabelsBTSB bar code labels contain:
    •      Title
    •      Author
    •      Classification
    •      Library Name
    •      Bar Code Number

    BTSB will keep track of your exclusive bar code range. Labels provided attached to books or unattached.


Guarantee: Bound To Stay Bound books are unconditionally guaranteed against imperfections in the binding or errors in processing.

If you have any questions or concerns about our guarantee please contact us:


  • 1 (800) 637-6586
  • 1 (217) 245-5191


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