The BTSB Difference

Bound to Stay Bound Books is known for producing the highest quality pre-bound library books in the industry. Our books exceed the American National Standard for binding (ANSI Z39.78-2000) to give them superior quality, appearance, and most importantly, long life. These specifications and testing are designed to provide libraries with durable, high quality books that they deserve.

Picture Covers

Made from our durable KidProof material, our BTSB Picture Cover Plus™ is imprinted with each title’s original artwork. The blurb from the jacket is printed on the back cover of every Bound to Stay Bound book. If a jacket is not available, the summary of the book is printed on the back cover. A protective high tack gloss lamination is applied to further enhance protection and assure increased circulation.

Cover Material

Our KidProof material is a nylon reinforced, latex-saturated material specially designed for Bound to Stay Bound. This material exceeds the LBI specification even before it is laminated. No other company uses this material. BTSB is the only company that uses a material that exceeds the specification before lamination.

Library Corners

All cases are made by using library corners. This can be seen by opening the cover of the book. A double fold of our cover material on both sides of all four corners reinforces the book corners and protects against fraying, bending, and turning, which assures greater durability and longer life. This causes the corner of the cover to appear to be a bit rounded.

Binding Options

Bound to Stay Bound offers side-sewn, over-sewn, and PUR adhesive binding. The vast majority of books from Bound to Stay Bound are side-sewn or over-sewn. The PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive binding is only used when the pages of a book do not have enough of an inner margin to allow BTSB to sew the pages. Bound to Stay Bound offers the same guarantee on the binding in all of our books.

Side Sewing

Side-sewing is done by a machine using a non-breakable polyester thread on books that are 1/2” thick or less and have an inner margin of at least 1/4”.


Bound to Stay Bound is the only company that offers an oversewn book. Books that are greater than 1/2” in thickness and have a 1/2” inner margin are oversewn. Oversewing integrates the individual sections into a solid unit. It is not a requirement in the ANSI/NISO standards, but is an option.

PUR Adhesive

A polyurethane reactive adhesive that is applied to pages of the book block. This is a pliable, flexible adhesive that is meant to be opened and closed. It is an excellent alternative to sewing. This binding process is only performed on BTSB books when inner margins are too small to allow sewing.

Paper Quality

BTSB always selects, when it is an option, the highest quality paper. The high quality binding needs to have a quality paper that will last as long as the binding on the book.

Back Lining

All back lining extends down the side of the book onto the pages 1” on each side. It acts as a bumper or “bearing” between the book and the cover. This can be seen when opening the front or back cover of the book and is visible under the end papers on the front and back cover which offers more strength holding the book block to the cover.

End Sheets

BTSB uses a triple end sheet with a linen hinge that is creased and sealed over the sewing. These sheets lock the sewn thread in place for extra strength and prevent the thread from unraveling or tearing the pages. The process allows the book to open at the back of the spine, leaving no pressure on the sewing or stitching of the pages. Bound to Stay Bound is the only company to provide this service.

Inspection Seal

Every Bound to Stay Bound book is inspected to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship before receiving the gold seal in the inside front cover.

Because of our outstanding physical characteristics, Bound to Stay Bound books will last longer than other books, including so-called library editions. This makes them less costly for libraries with limited budgets. Even if the initial cost is a few cents more, the circulation is ten or more times greater than other binding methods, resulting in a lower effective cost per circulation.

Invest In Your Library

Bound to Stay Bound provides the strongest covers and bindings in the industry. Invest in your library with Bound to Stay Bound books!

Quality Value Service

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