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Air pollution [People poisons]by Wood, John 

BTSB Prebound(Cavendish Square, 2023)

BTSB #: 962141 In Bindery

Dewey: 628.5/NAges: 5-8   

Subjects: Air pollution

Summary: Find out how people are poisoning the world and themselves with air pollution and what to do about it.

15.48 *

Airplane's Day [Blastoff! Missions. Machines At Work]by Loy, Harriet 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Blastoff! Missions, 2023)

BTSB #: 589595 In Bindery

Dewey: 629.133/NAges: 5-8   
Lexile: 520

Summary: Vibrant illustrations accompany information about an airplane's daily tasks.

23.46 *

Aliens: Join The Scientists Searching Space For Extraterrestrial Life by Morancy, Joalda 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Neon Squid)

BTSB #: 658057 Temp OS

Dewey: 500/NAges: 8-10   

Summary: Takes readers on a tour of the solar system (and beyond), onboard new NASA missions searching for the most likely alien hiding places--from icy moons of Jupiter to the clouds of Venus.

22.08 *

All Are Neighbors by Penfold, Alexandra 

BTSB Prebound(Knopf Books)

BTSB #: 709113 In Bindery

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   
Lexile: 300 AD

Genres: Multicultural

Summary: When a new family moves in, the whole neighborhood comes together to celebrate what makes their community diverse and special.

22.78 *

All By Himself? by Arnold, Elana K. 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Beach Lane)

BTSB #: 069768 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 3-8   

Summary: Illustrates that we are all connected and that no one goes through life--or builds anything--all by themselves.

22.78 *

All That Is You by Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Henry Holt And Company, Inc.)

BTSB #: 185797 In Bindery

Dewey: EAges: 2-6   

Summary: Illustrations and rhyming text celebrate the treasured intergenerational bonds of love and joy that connect everyone everywhere.

22.78 *

Alliana, girl of dragons by Abe, Julie 

BTSB Prebound(Little, Brown, 2022)

BTSB #: 040215 In Bindery

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   
F&P: W

Genres: Fantasy Fiction

Subjects: Orphans - Fiction Stepfamilies - Fiction Dragons - Fiction Witches - Fiction Magic - Fiction Fantasy fiction

Summary: Alliana spends her days tending to her stepfamily's inn at the edge of the abyss, but when she rescues an orphaned nightdragon and later helps an apprentice witch, she seizes her chance to escape her stepmother's tyranny and find her own happily ever after.

21.38 *

Allosaurus [Dash! Leveled readers. 1, Dinosaurs (Abdo Publishing Company)]by Murray, Julie 

BTSB Prebound(Abdo Zoom, 2023)

BTSB #: 665361 In Bindery

Dewey: 567.9/NAges: 4-7   

Subjects: Allosaurus Dinosaurs Paleontology Extinct animals

Summary: An introduction to the Allosaurus including where it lived, what it looked like, what it ate, and where some fossils have been found.

24.86 *

Alphabedtime by Hill, Susanna Leonard 

BTSB Prebound(Nancy Paulsen Books, 2022)

BTSB #: 404766 In Bindery

Dewey: EAges: 3-6   
Lexile: 450 AD

Genres: Humorous Fiction

Summary: Illustrations and rhyming text follow the twenty-six Alphababies as they prepare for bed.

22.08 *

Always, Clementine by Sorosiak, Carlie 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(WALKER BOOKS US)

BTSB #: 836114 Temp OS

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Summary: Clementine is different from other mice: she can calculate the speed of light and she dreams in Latin. The scientists say she’s a genius and put her through test after test. When a compassionate lab technician frees Clementine, the mouse discovers an outside world full of wonders. But for Clementine, it’s not enough to be free when she knows that Rosie and the other mice are not.

22.08 *

Amari And The Great Game [Supernatural investigations Volume: 2]by Alston, B. B. 

BTSB Prebound(Balzer & Bray, 2022)

BTSB #: 055048 In Bindery

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Supernatural Multicultural

Summary: After finding her brother and saving the entire supernatural world, Amari Peters is convinced her first full summer as a Junior Agent will be a breeze. But looking after her brother and other responsibilities has her plate full. So she declines an offer to be the new leader of the secretive League of Magicians. But her refusal allows someone else to step forward, a magician with dangerous plans for the League, leading to a competition she must win to save both the League and her brother.

22.08 *

Amazon [DK eyewitness books]

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(DK Publishing)

BTSB #: 056387 Temp OS

Dewey: 981/NAges: 8-12   

Summary: Visit one of the most incredible natural environments, meeting the Amazon’s plants and wildlife, and its people.

16.79 *

American Murderer: The Parasite That Haunted The South [Medical Fiascoes]by Jarrow, Gail 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Calkins Creek Books)

BTSB #: 489953 Temp OS

Dewey: 616.9/NAges: 10-14   
Lexile: 1080

Summary: What made workers in the American South so tired and feeble during the 19th and early 20th centuries? This medical mystery uncovers the secrets of the parasite hookworm, commonly known as the “American Murderer,”

26.98 *

American Story by Alexander, Kwame 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Little Brown)

BTSB #: 050081 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 4-8   

Summary: Tells the story of American slavery through the voice of a teacher struggling to help her students understand its harrowing history.

22.78 *

Amira & Hamza: The Quest For The Ring Of Power [Amira & Hamza]by Ahmed, Samira (Fiction writer) 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Little Brown)

BTSB #: 047046 In Bindery

Dewey: FAges: 8-12   

Genres: Fantasy Fiction Adventure Fiction

Summary: Amira and Hamza must race against time to stop an ancient evil from obtaining a ring of power.

21.38 *

Amphibians [Fast And Slow Animals]by Maloney, Brenna 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Scholastic, Inc.)

BTSB #: 598563 Temp OS

Dewey: 597.8/NAges: 5-7   
Lexile: 760

Summary: Discover which of the ten amphibians in this book are super slow and which ones are really fast!

14.94 *

And I Think About You by Kurstedt, Rosanne L. 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Kids Can)

BTSB #: 535136 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 3-6   
Lexile: 380 AD

Summary: A mother bear tells her child about her workday.

22.78 *

Angelfish Feels Angry [Emotion Ocean]by Woolley, Katie 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Lerner Publications)

BTSB #: 983296 Temp OS

Dewey: EAges: 5-9   
Lexile: 500 AD

Summary: When Angelfish got angry, her face turned red and she started to shake. This relatable story helps kids identify their feelings and provides useful tools for managing emotions.

24.88 *

Animal Doctors [National Geographic Readers. Level 1]by Romero, Libby 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(National Geographic Books)

BTSB #: 762935 Temp OS

Dewey: 636.089/NAges: 4-6   

Summary: Join animal doctors as they care for cuddly pets and farm animals, rehabilitate cool wild animals, and rescue big sea life.

13.89 *

Animal Toolkit: How Animals Use Tools by Jenkins, Steve 

BTSB Prebound New title, awaiting publication or binding.(Clarion Books)

BTSB #: 490974 In Bindery

Dewey: 500/NAges: 6-9   

Summary: Learn all about what makes a tool a tool and the remarkable ways animals can use them to find food, protect their young, and more.

22.08 *

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