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  • Kristy's big day
  • Who is R. L. Stine?
  • Who was Stephen Hawking?
  • Big Nate : blow the roof off!
  • Big Nate : the gerbil ate my homework
  • Claudia and the new girl
  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Biden
  • Ocean plastics problem
  • Kristy and the snobs
  • Climate change on the brink
  • Food scarcity and hunger
  • Global water crisis
  • Good-bye Stacey, good-bye
  • Who was Robert E. Lee?
  • Garbage Pail Kids cookbook
  • Sulwe
  • Great Chicago fire : rising from the ashes
  • Roanoke Colony : America's first mystery

Hello Heritage parents!!

We're proud to present to you our Birthday Book Club for 2022-23!!  Our school library is raising money for NEW books to support reading programs, support curriculum and student requests.

NET RESULT FOR HERITAGE LIBRARY:  $2500.00 in library books (PLEASE HELP us reach this goal)

NET RESULT FOR PARTICIPATING STUDENT:  A bookplate with your child's name as the donor of the book, your student is the first to check-out the book their parent donated and a goodie bag on your child's birthday!!

Make your donation TODAY:)!!

Progress to our goal:

Support Our Library is a free and easy-to-use web based service that allows businesses, families and the community to donate online to your school library.Read More

Questions and AnswersQ AND A

It takes team work in education. In order to support each other we strive to help and answer all questions, requests and concerns. Read More


Making a donation is simple! With your help, we can achieve our goal and fill the school library with new books that meet our schools needs. credit cardRead More

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