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  • Slappy birthday to you [Goosebumps Slappyworld #1]
  • 7 ate 9 : the untold story
  • Adventures of Super Diaper Baby : the first epic novel by George Beard and Harold Hutchins
  • Al Capone throws me a curve
  • Bad Kitty: Kitten Trouble
  • Berenstain bears and the shaggy little pony
  • Big Dog and Little Dog making a mistake
  • Chipmunks
  • Curious George Mother's Day surprise
  • Curveball
  • Deadliest! : 20 dangerous animals
  • Diary of a wimpy kid [13] : the meltdown
  • Dog man : lord of the fleas [Dog Man series, book 5]
  • Elephants
  • Epic adventures of Huggie & Stick
  • Explorer
  • Falcons
  • Fancy Nancy : bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!
  • Ghost houses
  • Ghosts in palaces
  • Gone fishing
  • Guinness world records 2019
  • Hector the collector
  • Hugs & kisses for the grouchy ladybug
  • Jojo and the twins
  • LEGO Ninjago : ninja in action!
  • Mezclalo bien!
  • Peanut butter and Jelly
  • Princess in Black and the science fair scare [Princess in Black 6]
  • Star Wars coding projects
  • Amelia Bedelia gets a break
  • Berenstain Bears : all aboard!
  • Pinkalicious and the amazing sled run
  • Pinkalicious And The Flower Fairy
  • Pinkalicious and the pirates
  • Lafayette!
  • Night train, night train
  • Gear hero
  • Blended
  • Unteachables
  • Fancy Nancy: My Fanciest Things
  • Serpent's shadow : the graphic novel [Kane chronicles, book 3]
  • Supernova [Amulet book 8]
  • Stinkiest! : 20 smelly animals
  • Speediest! : 19 very fast animals
  • Noodleheads find something fishy
  • Bad to the bones [Lucy & Andy Neanderthal #3]
  • Imagine!
  • Pig the elf
  • Good Rosie!
  • Third mushroom
  • Pete the cat goes camping
  • Louisiana's way home
  • Unplugged
  • Maisy goes to a wedding
  • Pig the pug
  • Rocky Mountain elk
  • Marvel ultimate villains
  • Heidi Heckelbeck Is So Totally Grounded!
  • Super Turbo Gets Caught
  • Two truths and a lie : it's alive!
  • Star wars : the rise of a hero
  • Duck & Goose, honk! quack! boo!
  • Pug & Pig trick-or-treat
  • Little red cat who ran away and learned his ABC's (the hard way)
  • La la la
  • Frida Kahlo and her animalitos
  • Adelita : a Mexican Cinderella story
  • Magician's elephant
  • Skateboard sonar


Parents, grandparents, and friends may surprise a student by donating a new book to the library in honor of his/her birthday or other special event (like Congratulations on Kindergarten or 5th grade graduation).


A decorative bookplate with your child’s name and birthdate will be permanently placed in the front of the book.  A special presentation will be made to him/her in the library during and your child will be the first to check out the book and may enjoy it for up to two weeks before returning it to the library.  The book will become a permanent part of the Mahaffey library and will be shared and enjoyed by many Scotties to come. In addition, your child’s name will be displayed in the library on our Scottie Book Club wall.  This is such a unique and personal way to say “Happy Birthday” and at the same time, add wonderful new books to our library.






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