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  • Amina's voice
  • Bicycle spy
  • Bravo! : poems about amazing Hispanics
  • Chef Roy Choi and the street food remix
  • Garvey's choice
  • Grand Canyon
  • Grandpa's hal-la-loo-ya hambone!
  • Harlem charade
  • Hello, universe
  • How to avoid extinction
  • Keith Haring : the boy who just kept drawing
  • Me and Marvin Gardens
  • Sergeant Reckless : the true story of the little horse who became a hero
  • Slider
  • Spirit hunters
  • Stef Soto, taco queen
  • Step right up : how Doc and Jim Key taught the world about kindness
  • Unlucky lottery winners of Classroom 13
  • Wedgie & Gizmo [Wedgie & Gizmo, volume 1]
  • Amazing crafty cat
  • Dog Man : a tale of two kitties [Dog Man series, book 3]
  • Dog Man unleashed [Dog Man series, book 2]
  • Force oversleeps. [Star Wars Jedi Academy 5]
  • Great art caper
  • Great big boom (Hilo, book 3)
  • Narwhal : unicorn of the sea
  • Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt
  • Beanstalker and other hilarious scary tales
  • Between two skies
  • Epic fail of Arturo Zamora
  • Four-four-two
  • Frogkisser!
  • Heartless
  • Impyrium
  • Last day on Mars
  • Miles Morales : Spider-Man
  • Piecing me together
  • Scythe [Arc of a Scythe, book 1]
  • Shadow cipher
  • Short
  • Unbeatable Squirrel Girl : squirrel meets world
  • Van Gogh deception
  • Warcross (Warcross, book 1)
  • Well, that was awkward
  • Inquisitor's tale : or, the three magical children and their holy dog
  • From Percy Jackson : Camp Half-Blood confidential : your real guide to the demigod training camp
  • Demigods & Magicians
  • Brooklyn House magician's manual : your guide to Egyptian gods & creatures, glyphs & spells, and more
  • Sea of monsters : the graphic novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians graphic novels, book 2)
  • Serpent's shadow : the graphic novel [Kane chronicles, book 3]
  • Ship of the dead [Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard, book 3]
  • Son of Neptune : the graphic novel [Heroes of Olympus book 2]
  • Throne of fire : the graphic novel [Kane chronicles, book 2]
  • Titan's curse : the graphic novel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians graphic novels, book 3)


Manor Middle School’s book budget is shrinking.

Our fiction section is becoming torn and tattered.

Our nonfiction books are becoming out-of-date.


Please support our library and students with your donation.

Donate to honor a special person or celebrate their birthday.

A bookplate will be placed inside the book acknowleging that person.

Progress to our goal:

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