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  • Horror of the bubonic plague
  • Legend of the Coral Caves : an official graphic novel for Minecrafters
  • Who is Bono?
  • I voted : making a choice makes a difference
  • Who is Hillary Clinton?
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez : political headliner
  • Kamala Harris : rooted in justice
  • Zoo scientists to the rescue
  • What's income inequality?
  • Send a girl!
  • Back to school : a global journey
  • Let's go to a parade!
  • Celebrating Kwanzaa
  • Crayola Christmas colors
  • Uncle Sam
  • Big and small
  • Fast and slow
  • Hard and soft
  • How many? : a different kind of counting book
  • Count with me 1 to 10
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs hatched!
  • I'm a spinosaurus
  • I'm a tyrannosaurus rex
  • I'm a velociraptor
  • Do you really want to meet Tyrannosaurus rex?
  • I'm a brachiosaurus
  • I'm a stegosaurus
  • Crayola rain forest colors
  • Crayola desert colors
  • Jane against the world : Roe v. Wade and the fight for reproductive rights
  • When plants attack : strange and terrifying plants
  • (Don't) call me crazy : 33 voices start the conversation about mental health
  • Miles Morales : straight out of Brooklyn
  • Ms. Marvel : destined
  • Speak : the graphic novel
  • Super Bowl : chasing football immortality
  • World cup : soccer's global championship
  • Utah

Thank you so much for choosing to donate a book to our library. With your book donation this will help support curriculum, reading programs, student request and keep our library up to date. Browse through our wish list and see if there is a book or two that you would like to be in our library. New books will be added throughout the school year. If you choose not to make a book donation you can choose to make a monetary donation by clicking the donate now button, located at the top. Books will be shipped from Bound to Stay Bound to our school, where we will have them on our shelves and ready for students to enjoy.


Thank you for supporting our students and their love of reading.

Autumn Nauling

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