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  • Karen's kittycat club
  • Fast pitch
  • Fifty-four things wrong with Gwendolyn Rogers
  • Floating field : how a group of Thai boys built their own soccer field
  • Follow the recipe : poems about imagination, celebration & cake
  • Hard-boiled bugs for breakfast : and other tasty poems
  • Hatful of dragons : and more than 13.8 billion other funny poems
  • Hike
  • Nicky & Vera : a quiet hero of the Holocaust and the children he rescued
  • Packs : strength in numbers
  • Place to hang the moon
  • Saucy
  • Some dinosaurs are small
  • Time for bed, old house
  • Time is a flower
  • Two dogs on a trike
  • Wayside School beneath the Cloud of Doom
  • Walk in the words
  • Right as Rain
  • Kate the chemist : the big book of experiments
  • My best friend
  • Just ask : be different, be brave, be you
  • Get a grip, Vivy Cohen!
  • Queen bee and me
  • Stand up, Yumi Chung!
  • Magic ramen : the story of Momofuku Ando
  • Echo Mountain
  • How to solve a problem : the rise (and falls) of a rock-climbing champion
  • She persisted in sports : American Olympians who changed the game
  • I want a dog
  • Other words for home
  • Best friends
  • Caterpillar summer
  • Going down home with Daddy
  • Out of wonder : poems celebrating poets
  • Mez's magic
  • Islandborn
  • Can I touch your hair? : poems of race, mistakes, and friendship
  • Earth verse : haiku from the ground up
  • Me, Frida, and the secret of the peacock ring
  • Hello hello
  • Pipsqueaks, slowpokes, and stinkers : celebrating animal underdogs
  • Grenade
  • Storm Runner
  • Very impatient caterpillar
  • Lety out loud
  • Genesis begins again
  • Good egg
  • Say something!
  • Monsters beware!
  • Peter & Ernesto : a tale of two sloths
  • Aru Shah and the song of death
  • Undefeated
  • No more poems! : a book in verse that just gets worse
  • First
  • Camp
  • Roll with it
  • Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky
  • Who is the Mystery Reader?
  • Shine!

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