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  • Caterpillar and Bean : a first science storybook
  • Cece loves science and adventure
  • Life science through infographics
  • Science behind gymnastics
  • Computer networks
  • Super simple camera projects : inspiring & educational science activities
  • Your head shape reveals your personality! : science's biggest mistakes about the human body
  • First dinosaur : how science solved the greatest mystery on Earth
  • Big fantastic earth
  • Designing a winning science fair project
  • Speak out! : creating podcasts and other audio recordings
  • Project science
  • Girl scientists
  • Girl innovators
  • Crafty science
  • Earth-friendly math crafts
  • Earth-friendly tech crafts
  • Building a volcano
  • Electricity and magnets
  • Pearl the magical unicorn

Donate a book to our school's Media Center for your child's birthday! 

Our school is raising money for new books to support our curriculum. Help us reach our goal by making a donation today! 

By purchasing a book for your child's birthday, you are supporting the growth of the Woodstock Elementary School library. One of our vendors, Bound to Stay Bound, is offering a free service to help support our Media Center. You and your child can choose a book that they want to add to the library. The book will be delivered to our library ready to shelve once a month. There is no tax or delivery fee! They will place a bookplate inside the book with your child's name. Please have the book plate read: This book was generously donated by __________________________, in honor of their birthday. You can fill out everything online and pay by credit card from the convenience of your home. Your child will have the opportnity to be the first in the school to check the book out! 

There are two ways to donate:

1. Choose a book: The book that you select will be processed and sent to your child's classroom for it's inagural check out! Books will then be returned to circulation where others can enjoy them too! 

2. Donate funding: A minimum of $10 is required to make a donation. The donation will be used to purchase a book on the wishlist and sent to the school in honor of your child. 

We appreciate all donations! 

Progress to our goal:

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Making a donation is simple! With your help, we can achieve our goal and fill the school library with new books that meet our schools needs. credit cardRead More

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