Bound To Stay Bound

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School Library Journal - 01/01/2018 Gr 1–3—Jenkins offers an informative and lively journey into the world of stinky and speedy animals for primary grade students. Smart layout design in both volumes will make for a seamless reading experience for a variety of learners—fact-filled short paragraphs, maps, size comparison diagrams, and accurate illustrations will please browsers and researchers alike. In Stinkiest!, readers will learn that the honey badger uses a stink bomb if threatened and even birds are in on the smelly action—the hoatzin farts a lot and the female green wood hoopoe can spray a foul oil to deter predators. Speediest! is a solid mix of familiar and unexpected creatures: cheetahs and brown hares but also mantis shrimps and aardvarks. Both volumes are graced with Jenkins's signature torn- and cut-paper collage, which showcase a variety of bold colors and textures. Overall, the two titles have a playful and inviting tone that will be appreciated by kids. However, the majority of the titles cited in each book's bibliography are quite old with most published in the early 2000s but a few in the 1980s and 90s. VERDICT A riveting series for animal lovers and a good choice for science shelves.—Kathia Ibacache, Simi Valley Public Library, CA - Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 05/01/2018 Close on the heels of Deadiest! (2017) and Trickiest! (2017), these volumes from the Extreme Animals series spotlight the world’s fastest and smelliest creatures. Each single- or double-page entry includes several elements on a white background: a short paragraph of information, a picture of the animal, a pair of silhouettes indicating its size relative to a human body or hand, a global range map, and a “fast fact” feature pertinent to the book’s topic. In addition to a glossary and bibliography, the back matter in each book includes a pertinent, eye-catching infographic. In Speediest!, a chart showing the maximum speed of each species makes comparison easy. Although the cheetah may be the fastest runner, at 70 mph, it can’t approach the maximum speed of a peregrine diving toward its prey (200 mph) or a Mexican free-tailed bat in level flight (100 mph). Dynamic color illustrations in Jenkins’ signature style, cut-paper collage, give the pages their undeniable visual appeal. With attractive pictures and fascinating facts, these early readers will interest young animal lovers. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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