Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 06/01/2021 Part of the I Like to Read Comics line, this beginning reader pairs simple sentences with sequential art to help foster visual literacy along with reading comprehension. Here, Mina is visiting her friend Pie’s house for the first time, and as he gives her a tour, she finds magic in every space. After costuming up—as requested of all visitors—they see the Sun Room and its larger-than-life plants; the Crystal Room, home to relics that speak of adventure; the Quilt Room and its craft supplies; the Perfumery; the Bubble Room (bathroom); and best of all, the shed, a safe, quiet place to sit. A cotton-candy color palette and abundant detail add a touch of whimsy without overwhelming the panels, turning Mina’s visit into a wondrous sensory experience. Readers new to comics will be well cared for with carefully arranged panels of various types, along with intuitively placed speech and thought bubbles, plus a lesson on being able to see the magic in your home. A cute and colorful comics primer. - Copyright 2021 Booklist.

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