Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 02/15/2016 From over your head to soles of your feet, English idiomatic expressions relating to body parts color our descriptive language about emotions, situations, and relationships to ourselves, each other, and the world. Street and Brace offer an entertaining tour, anatomical region by anatomical region, with page spreads filled with colorful spot illustrations featuring cartoon creatures acting out idioms. A few miss the mark, but that just makes the discussion possibilities broader. Browsers drawn in by the tumbling bugs, monsters, animals, and anthropomorphic hearts and livers will stay for the linguistic exploration, and young word-lovers can giggle over seeing some common expressions depicted in concrete terms, such as a thumb flipping pages (thumb through a book) or a boy with dollar bills emerging from his nostrils (paid through the nose). The index is arranged by body part, which makes this worthy of a place in the nonfiction section of elementary-school libraries and classrooms, though casual reading from head to toe is likely, too. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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