Bound To Stay Bound

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School Library Journal - 02/01/2018 PreS-K—A young girl tries to negotiate with her dad about who should sleep in the "big bed." She approaches her father as if she were the boss of a company. She acts as if she is offering him a deal by providing him with alternative sleeping arrangements in exchange for his place in the "big bed." The child's ideas are captured and illustrated in wavy thought bubbles. Her proposals are interesting and she attempts to back them with facts to support her conclusions. Her approach as a negotiator and figure of authority is further alluded to with the presence of an easel, a lab coat, a pointer, photographs, and various diagrams. The young girl speaks in an adult tone with authoritative phrasing. However, her childlike point of view is evident through the nature of her dialogue. Important phrases are emphasized with cursive writing throughout the narrative. The book's cartoon illustrations feature curvy and straight lines used to create texture and dimension. The circular eyes of the characters become a focal point throughout the book. The book is filled with an array of brightly colored monochromatic backgrounds that are interchanged with white backgrounds which gives the book a fun and unpredictable feel. VERDICT This quirky and humorous bedtime book could be used to encourage children to explain their ideas in unique ways. It could also be used to encourage them to support their ideas with evidence.—Deanna Smith, formerly at Mamaroneck Public Library, NY - Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 03/01/2018 There comes a time when sharing your bed with your little one becomes a domestic dispute. Laditan (The Honest Toddler, 2013) follows a little girl who wants to snuggle with Mom on the too-crowded “big bed,” and decides what is best for the family is for her daddy to sleep on his very own cot: “Every night can feel like a camping trip with a metal-and-canvas cot! With this almost twin-size portable mountain bed, you’ll feel like an honorary park ranger!” She presents the genius idea in true business-pitch fashion: out come the diagrams with a child’s rendition of all the reasons why her dad should move out of the bed. One: he already has a mom and she shouldn’t have to share hers! Two: he isn’t afraid of the dark, like she is. Three: he gets to pick out any sheets he wants for his cot! What more could you want?! Every page is laugh-out-loud funny, as Laditan, with Knight’s expressive illustrations, expertly presents the girl’s matter-of-fact business approach. Beware: readers may get sold on the idea. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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