Bound To Stay Bound

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Bulletin for the Center... - 06/01/2016 Since Cody loves animals more than anything, he’s thrilled when his school announces an upcoming pet show. Even good things bring complications, though: Cody needs to muster entry fees for each pet he enters, money he doesn’t have, so he allows a few petless classmates to borrow from his nine pets (two dogs, two cats, one pig, one rooster, and three chickens) for the show to ensure that each animal gets a chance to shine. He’s torn between his desire to show his pets off and his concern about their safety with his classmates, though, especially with his pal Tobit, who doesn’t have the best track record with animals. Like the other titles in the Franklin School Friends series, this outing exudes believability and readability, with Cody a generally easygoing guy who’d rather spend time with his beloved pig than write his overdue report. Mills also tackles a highly sensitive and age-appropriate ethical dilemma as Cody worries about negotiating his friendship with Tobit, who angrily threw a rock at a squirrel; the book clearly backs Cody in his concern but also avoids demonizing Tobit, who acts mostly out of thoughtlessness and comes around after some sage principal intervention. The theme makes this entry in the series particularly suitable for discussion as well as particularly inviting to pet lovers. Shepperson’s black and white illustrations evince lively linework and a gift for depicting the casual disarray of young-kid life. DS - Copyright 2016 The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois.

Booklist - 07/01/2016 In this delightful addition to a charming series, Mills highlights Cody Harmon, who much prefers his pets to schoolwork. When affable principal Mr. Boone announces the school will hold a pet show to benefit the Humane Society, Cody needs to decide which of his nine animal friends he will enter. Should it be dependable Rex, a regal golden retriever? Or what about porcine Mr. Piggins? While Cody struggles to earn the entrance fee for one pet, some of his petless classmates develop a plan to help, even as Cody’s falling out with his best friend, Tobin, complicates things. As usual, Shepperson’s illustrations add verve and joy to the book, capturing the ups and downs of third-grade life. A wonderful read for youngsters navigating chapter books. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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