Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 12/01/2016 This cool and visually appealing book for kids on how things work chronicles everything from home and school gadgets (refrigerators, Post-it notes, thermoses) to thrill-seeking inventions (roller coasters, tightropes, bounce houses). Each chapter’s “Just the Facts” section describes familiar inventions, like the escalator (first used as a ride in an amusement park), or things still in development, like invisibility cloaks. Additional nuggets of information are included in “Tell Me More” and “Fun Facts” sections, while “Try This” invites kids to solve challenging experiments and ponder hypothetical questions. This discusses some of the same technology mentioned in DK’s recent Super Cool Tech (2016)—hoverboards, invisibility devices, tractor beams—but its jokes and graphics target younger readers. Profiles of scientists, engineers, and innovators responsible for these cool technologies are also found in this full-color book with plentiful photos, graphics, varied fonts, a glossary, further reading, and an index. Useful for reports or browsing for the inquisitive reader inspired to know why and how things work. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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