Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 08/01/2018 Best friends Mylo Affinito and Dibs Butte, 11, live in dusty Corona, New Mexico, and are obsessed with Superman and Martian comic books. When a flying saucer crash lands on a nearby farm in Roswell on July 4, 1947, Mylo claims he hears someone asking for help. Armed with a Buck Rogers atomic disintegrator pistol, a Kix cereal atomic bomb ring, a Cracker Jack superhero membership card, and an American flag, Mylo, Dibs, and their friends (including Mylo’s secret crush, Gracie) set out to investigate. Mylo is an engaging narrator who has a good heart and is smarter and more courageous than he realizes. His alien encounter is filled with out-of-this-world adventures and laughs. Reminiscent of E.T., this tale of curiosity, friendship, and community presents opportunities for discussion about the universe and our relationship to it. With its interesting characters, which readers will consider friends, and playful premise, Savage’s first novel since Lemons? (2017) will easily become a popular read-aloud and a must-read for fans of Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth? (2017). - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

School Library Journal - 09/01/2018 Gr 4–7—It's 1947 in New Mexico and Mylo, who never really believed in aliens, would rather read his comic books, play with his friends, or visit his brother's grave. One night, after something is reported to have crash landed next to his ranch in Roswell, Mylo hears a voice asking for help. The army claims the crash was a weather balloon, but Mylo and his friends decide to investigate. Although the characters seem young at times, they are realistic, engaging, and draw readers into the story. The plot is well developed, easy to follow, and has a good pace. Descriptions are vivid and detailed. Subtle inclusions of classic comic book references like Buck Rogers and Wonder Woman add to the historical setting, though a scene mentioning Mylo and his friends playing "Cowboys and Indians" is normalized and left unexamined. VERDICT A secondary purchase for fans of science fiction/history mash-ups.—Kira Moody, Salt Lake County Library Services - Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

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