Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 02/15/2016 This pigeon is famous. Her whole family is famous. Their achievements range from “bravery in the third cat war” to “having millions of girlfriends” to . . . sleeping. Our narrator, however, is famous for her beauty. People are always taking pictures of her, whether she is posing atop the elephant at the zoo or strolling between a crocodile’s teeth. When she flies near them, they wave or bow. Savvy young readers will notice, however, that Pigeon’s interpretation of all that attention misses the mark . . . a lot. And, of course, all this self-delusion leads to a bad end. This comical tale will be great to read aloud, as kids will quickly decipher what’s really going on behind the pigeon’s narcissistic narrative. Shalev’s kicky, scrawled crayon and cut-paper art is sophisticated and energetic. With similar delusions of grandeur, and a great example of a book in which the art and text tell opposing stories at the same time, this would be a natural pick for fans of Mo Willems’ own famous pigeon. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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