Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 12/01/2018 *Starred Review* This lovely lesson about expanding one’s horizons posits that sometimes you need to be knocked on the head in order to change. That’s what literally happens to Henrietta, an elephant who loves to be alone and for things to be quiet and routine. She adores having calming cups of tea and going for a soothing swim in the lake. The only thing that ruffles her placid existence is the presence of squawking geese on the lake’s surface, but Henrietta dips below, escaping all the commotion. One day, Henrietta swims into a piling topped with a nest and gets a large lump on her head, which turns out to be an actual goose egg. Unaware of her new cargo, the elephant swims home, where the egg hatches, the gosling imprints on the elephant, and Henrietta’s quiet life is turned upside down. The wonderful thing about this laugh-out-loud story is the way Henrietta rises to the unsought challenges of raising the gosling, teaching it to fly, and then letting it fly away. Henrietta’s realization that a little adventure and chaos can be a good thing is a great way to represent caring for another. The gentle pastel-hued illustrations, done in watercolors, colored pencils, and gouache, give warmth and comic details to the story. A captivating and endearing life lesson. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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