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Booklist - 10/01/2018 The author of Owl Moon (1987), her sons, and daughter (birders all) offer this compendium of avian facts and particulars. They begin with the basics (anatomy, eggs, nests, beaks, bones, wings, and feathers); examine dino birds, birds in history, and state birds; explicate watching, photographing, and listening to birds; detail migration and conservation efforts; survey birds in the arts; and provide information on citizen science projects and encouraging backyard bird activity via feeders and bird-friendly gardens. Each short chapter (most are 3 to 4 spreads in length) includes several brief text boxes and captioned, full-color illustrations—mostly crisp-edged photographs, but also some reproduced paintings. The use of multiple font styles and text colors makes for attractive page layouts, and many chapters include an original poem. Back matter is generous, including author notes, further information, credits for both text sections and art, a list of scientific names, and a selection of avian related sayings. With text that never talks down to its audience, this makes an ideal choice for family sharing or classroom browsing. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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