Bound To Stay Bound

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001 679611
008230208s2023 nyu eng
020 a|9780358669432 (temp)
1001 a|Noni, Lynette
2451 a|Prison Healer
300 a|432 p. :
490 a|Prison Healer
520# a|Seventeen-year-old Kiva Meridan has been waiting for a chance to escape Zalindov ever since she was forced to be the prison healer. When prisoners like the rebel Queen Tilda and the broken, mysterious new boy, Jaren, arrive at the prison’s gates, Kiva is the one to carve numbers into their flesh so their bodies can be identified when they die. But when a message arrives from her sister linking Kiva’s freedom to the dying rebel queen, Kiva is forced to wager her own life in exchange for Tilda’s.

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