Bound To Stay Bound

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001 00596341 716094
008230208s2023 nyu eng
010 a|00596341
020 a|9781250821294 (temp)
1001 a|Pink, Randi
2451 a|Angel Of Greenwood
300 a|304 p. :
520# a|Seventeen-year-old Isaiah Wilson is a town troublemaker, but is hiding that he is an avid reader and secret poet. Sixteen-year-old Angel Hill is a loner, mostly disregarded by her peers as a goody-goody. Though they’ve attended the same schools, Isaiah never noticed Angel. But life changes on May 31, 1921 when a vicious white mob storms the community of Greenwood, leaving the town destroyed and thousands of residents displaced. Isaiah, Angel, and their peers realize who their real enemies are.

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