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  • Influencers
  • Big cheese
  • Karen's haircut
  • Time of the turtle king
  • Zeus : water rescue
  • Pizza and Taco : dare to be scared!
  • Sunlight on the snow leopard
  • Pete the cat : hickory dickory dock
  • Princess in black and the prince in pink
  • Stick Dog
  • Amira & Hamza : the quest for the ring of power
  • Crayons trick or treat
  • Who was Johnny Cash?
  • Who is Shaquille O'Neal?
  • Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?
  • Who was Queen Elizabeth II?
  • Walter had a best friend
  • Bad Kitty does not like Valentine's Day
  • Bad Kitty does not like Easter
  • Bad Guys in look who's talking
  • Floating field : how a group of Thai boys built their own soccer field
  • Everywhere with you
  • Confessions of a class clown
  • Ice cream machine
  • Human kaboom
  • Babymouse : queen of the world! #1
  • Babymouse : our hero. #2
  • Babymouse : rock star #4
  • Camp Babymouse. #6
  • Lunch lady and the cyborg substitute
  • Lunch Lady and the schoolwide scuffle
  • Super Potato's middle ages adventure
  • Super Potato gets buff
  • Mr. Wolf's class
  • Kittens are monsters!
  • Pug meets Pig
  • Sister switch
  • Time after time
  • Tom bites back
  • Middle school bites
  • Out for blood
  • Night of the Vam-Wolf-Zom
  • Art attacks!
  • Do not bring your dragon to the last day of school
  • Rock out!
  • Construction site : taking flight!
  • They hold the line : wildfires, wildlands, and the firefighters who brave them
  • Stellarlune
  • Unlocked
  • Mercy Watson is missing!
  • Nightfall
  • Everblaze
  • Spy school goes north
  • Minecraft : wither without you
  • Weird but true! sharks : 300 fin-nomenal facts to dive into
  • Sharks! : 100 fun facts about these fin-tastic fish
  • Jasmine Toguchi, bridge builder
  • Jasmine Toguchi, peace-maker
  • Jasmine Toguchi, great gardener
  • Aven Green soccer machine
  • Abby in Neverland
  • Teacher's pet
  • Berenstain Bears blast off!
  • Biscuit and friends : a day at the aquarium
  • Pinkalicious and the holiday sweater
  • Pinkalicious : kindergarten fun
  • Message
  • Dawn of the light dragon
  • How to eat in space

Support the Bailey Station library by becoming a BSE Book Buddy! To become a BSE Book Buddy, donate a new book to our school library collection. Books can be donated throughout the school year and for many reasons! Celebrate your child's birthday by giving a gift that keeps giving... a new book for the BSE library! Grandparents, aunts, uncles and family friends can donate as well! Books may also be donated in honor or memory of a loved one, in celebration of special events, or just because you want to support our library. Book donations are a gift that will be treasured by many, many children for years to come.


Browse our library wishlist on this site and choose a book to donate or get your child in on the fun and allow them to choose their own book buddy! Donors may write a special message on a donor plate that will be displayed in the front of the book. 


When your book arrives at the BSE library, your child will be the first to check it out and we will display their picture with their Book Buddy. Books ship once a month from the company and we will let you know once it arrives. We can't wait to celebrate our new BSE Book Buddies!

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