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  • Camping trip
  • Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky
  • Tristan Strong keeps punching
  • Tristan Strong destroys the world
  • Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky : the graphic novel
  • Powwow day
  • Talons of power
  • Here in the real world
  • What is the story of the mummy?
  • Among the hidden
  • Princess in Black and the mermaid princess
  • What is the story of Dracula?
  • Almost there and almost not
  • Love from Matilda
  • BFG
  • Feathered serpent and the five suns : a Mesoamerican creation myth
  • Last Cuentista
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Mayflower
  • Women's right to vote
  • Plagues and pandemics
  • The Underground Railroad
  • American Revolution
  • Titanic
  • Bad Guys. #1
  • Bad Guys in mission unpluckable. #2
  • Bad Guys in intergalactic gas. #5
  • Bad Guys in do-you-think-he-saurus? #7
  • Bad guys in superbad. #8
  • Bad Guys in the baddest day ever
  • Big Nate : I can't take it!
  • Sunny rolls the dice
  • Matilda
  • Unteachables
  • Who was Roberto Clemente?
  • Who was Frida Kahlo?
  • Tale of Despereaux : being the story of a mouse, a princess, some soup, and a spool of thread
  • Who was Ida B. Wells?
  • Who was Booker T. Washington?
  • Who was Sojourner Truth?
  • Ronan and the mermaid : a tale of old Ireland
  • Moon rising
  • Speedy cheetahs
  • Clayton Byrd goes underground
  • Spy school revolution
  • Thunder Boy Jr
  • Dog man : for whom the ball rolls
  • Magic tree house incredible fact book
  • Big Papa and the time machine
  • Brief history of unicorns
  • Seventh most important thing
  • Compton cowboys : and the fight to save their horse ranch
  • Balance beam boss
  • Don't touch my hair!
  • Sofia's party shoes
  • Last human
  • Hector's hiccups
  • Sofia Valdez, future prez
  • Another
  • One and only Bob
  • Jabari tries
  • Friendship war
  • Hubots : real-world robots inspired by humans
  • Hurricane heroes in Texas. #30
  • Smallest girl in the smallest grade
  • Good Rosie!
  • Grace goes to Washington
  • Ungifted
  • Among the betrayed
  • Among the impostors
  • Diary of a wimpy kid : the deep end
  • Restart
  • Sunny side up
  • I am Jackie Robinson
  • Jake the fake goes for laughs
  • Jake the fake keeps his cool
  • Lu
  • Camp
  • 42 is not just a number : the odyssey of Jackie Robinson, American hero
  • Facts vs. opinions vs. robots
  • Second shot
  • Stephen Curry
  • Tar beach
  • Dog man : grime and punishment
  • One and only Ivan
  • Who was Aretha Franklin?
  • Polar bear in the snow
  • Who was Coretta Scott King?
  • John's turn
  • Paolo, Emperor of Rome
  • Bench
  • You matter
  • We are still here! : Native American truths everyone should know
  • Billy and the Minpins
  • Twits
  • Witches
  • Never grow up
  • Dog man : mothering heights
  • Besties : work it out
  • Biscuit and the little llamas
  • Dogzilla : starring Flash, Rabies, and Dwayne and introducing Leia as the monster
  • Uni the unicorn in the real world
  • How to code a rollercoaster
  • What is a droid?
  • Wild robot escapes
  • Wild robot
  • Notorious
  • Unplugged
  • Spy school secret service. [5]
  • Spy school British invasion
  • Crenshaw
  • Uni the unicorn and the dream come true
  • Uni the unicorn
  • Buffalo before breakfast. #18
  • Camp time in California
  • Civil War on Sunday. #21
  • Dingoes at dinnertime. #20
  • Dinosaurs before dark. #1
  • Dolphins at daybreak. #9
  • Earthquake in the early morning. #24
  • Ghost town at sundown. #10
  • Good morning, gorillas. #26
  • High tide in Hawaii. #28
  • Hour of the Olympics. #16
  • Late lunch with llamas
  • Lions at lunchtime. #11
  • Midnight on the moon. #8
  • Mummies in the morning. #3
  • Narwhal on a sunny night
  • Night of the Ninjas. #5
  • Pirates past noon. #4
  • Polar bears past bedtime. #12
  • Revolutionary War on Wednesday. #22
  • Sunlight on the snow leopard
  • Sunset of the sabertooth. #7
  • Thanksgiving on Thursday. #27
  • Tigers at twilight. #19
  • To the future, Ben Franklin!
  • Tonight on the Titanic. #17
  • Vacation under the volcano. #13
  • Viking ships at sunrise. #15
  • Warriors in winter
  • Twister on Tuesday. #23
  • Knight at dawn. #2
  • Summer of the sea serpent. #3
  • Junie B. Jones and the mushy gushy valentime
  • Somebody loves you, Mr. Hatch
  • June's wild flight
  • Act
  • Click
  • Strangers
  • Messengers
  • Deceivers
  • Rock from the sky
  • We found a hat
  • Egg marks the spot
  • Year down yonder
  • Birdie's bargain
  • How to train your dad
  • Big Nate : genius mode
  • World belonged to us
  • Do mermaids exist?
  • Mermaid and me
  • Solimar : the sword of the monarchs
  • Turtle in paradise : the graphic novel
  • Evil princess vs. the brave knight
  • Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight take turns
  • Hello, Arnie! : an Arnie the Doughnut story
  • Potato pants!
  • Captain Underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people : the eighth epic novel
  • Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers : the tenth epic novel
  • Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot : the twelfth epic novel
  • Super diaper baby 2 : the invasion of the potty snatchers
  • Wild robot protects
  • Lodestar

Dear Peace Dale School Community,

The Peace Dale School Library is embarking on a campaign to update and add to our current book collection, with a focus on diversity.  To this end, I have created a list of specific books which would be wonderful to have in the collection.

If you can help by purchasing one, Bound-to-Stay Bound will add the library processing according to our specifications that are on file with them, and send it to us!

If you would like to request a special bookplate to honor a special student birthday or other event, we can do that also!

Thanks for helping to keep our Library filled with new and interesting books!


Thank you so much!!

Martha Badigian

Library Media Specialist

Peace Dale Elementary School

Progress to our goal:

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