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Support Our Library can work for you!

  • Is your book budget shrinking?
  • Is your fiction section getting torn and tattered?
  • Are your nonfiction books becoming out-of-date?

Support Our Library is a web based program that will supplement your shrinking budget and add new books to support curriculum, reading programs, student requests and it's risk-free.

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Saving your school library is easy. Sign up, create a wish list of books and set up your web page. Specific books can be selected from the wish list or a general monetary donation can be made to your school program. We're sure you'll agree, there is no better solution than 100% free books!

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Support Our Library is a free and easy-to-use web based service that allows businesses, families and the community to donate online to your school library.Read More

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It takes team work in education. In order to support each other we strive to help and answer all questions, requests and concerns. Read More


Credit card online donations by your supporters generate free shipments of shelf ready books you have pre-approved. credit cardRead More

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