Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 03/01/2018 A charming, childlike robot named Blip spends her days blissfully gazing at her large computer screen, until a blackout causes her to become unplugged. Outside, she frolics with a trio of newfound animal friends. As the day ends, Blip sadly leaves her new friends, returns home, and plugs in. However, she can’t get the thrill of her outdoor adventures out of her mind; leaving her computer behind, she exits, undoubtedly off to pursue more escapades of the unplugged kind. The book’s large format, with several pages seamlessly split into sequential scenes, effortlessly displays a good number of Blip’s activities both indoors and out, making the minimal text almost unnecessary. Blip’s indoor activities are depicted in black-and-white with early computer graphics on the screen, while the outdoor illustrations switch to full color, showing animals in a pleasing cartoon style and making it clear why Blip would prefer unplugged experiences. While this may not sell any screen-addicted child on the merits of outdoor play, it is a fun adventure with an appealing cast. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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