Educational Resources for At Home Learning

Bound to Stay Bound understands that during these unprecedented school closures students still need to learn and challenge their brains.

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Support Our Library

Support Our Library offers schools a unique way to add new books into library collections. Get started in just a few easy steps.

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Get updated whenever a new series title comes out

Bound to Stay Bound will put your library on alert! Sign up for our series alert mailing list and keep your pulse on the big titles coming out in popular series.

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PLAYAWAY® Kids Audio Books

Bring the power of audio to learners at every level – improving performance when used independently or paired with a printed book.

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MerryMakers Dolls

Bound to Stay Bound is pleased to offer MerryMakers character dolls! Plush dolls are based on a selection of beloved children's book characters.

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Dictionaries & Thesauruses

Get any dictionary or thesaurus in a high quality KidProof™ binding, guaranteed to last!

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Library Dewey Decimal Signage

Bound to Stay Bound is pleased to offer eye-catching, vibrant posters to help inform library visitors about the Dewey® Decimal System.

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BTSB Best Sellers

List of the top 250 best-selling titles from the past 18 months.  A “MUST HAVE” for every library!

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Video Clips

Create playlists for open houses, promote upcoming titles, and help get students excited to read with dozens of free clips.

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SmartSearch Tool

Use SmartSearch® Tool to create library book collections that are balanced, appropriate, and support the curriculum and intellectual needs of your students and your school.

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Virtual Meetings

BTSB understands that schools may limit outside contact for the safety of their students and staff. BTSB sales reps are available for Virtual Visits! Sales representatives are able to schedule meetings via multiple platforms, we are here to help with ordering, and answer any questions you may have, all from the safety of your computer screen!

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Fall 2020 Titles

Over 1,100 new fall titles are now available in the BTSB Bookstore. See what's new and start building a new book wish list.

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Presale Fall 2020 Titles

Order now and receive the BTSB prebound edition on the publisher's release date

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BTSB Difference

Bound to Stay Bound is the foremost bindery in the U.S. when it comes to children's books. BTSB offers a wide range of services and guarantees to make sure that our prebound books last longer than any other editions available on the market.

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Sale of the Century 25 books for $100

Sale of the Century

100 years must be celebrated with our loyal Bound to Stay Bound customers!

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Companion Items

BTSB offers a selection of eye-catching bookmarks, signage, and posters.

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View the latest print catalog, and all the other fine resources BTSB has to offer. From our Cream of the Crop - Curriculum Tie Ins to our Library Corner updates, we're here to help you get more out of your library! All brochures are in PDF format.

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Order your novel sets with customized covers

BTSB book covers can be customized with a school or district logo at no additional charge. A minimum order of 25 copies of the same title is required for this service. BTSB quality includes an unconditional guarantee.

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Processing Services from Bound to Stay Bound

BTSB offers a wide variety of processing services on our prebound books, including reading program labels, genre stickers, and much more. Processing packages are customizable and can be changed according to the needs of your school, district, or library at any time!

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