MerryMakers available now from Bound to Stay Bound


Pete The Cat Merrymakers

Bound to Stay Bound is pleased to offer a selection of hugable dolls based on favorite children’s book characters.

What can you do with a MerryMakers doll?

  • Pair with related titles for leveled and genre-focused reading
  • Build confidence and alleviate anxiety
  • Use as a prop to promote orderly discussion
  • Engage and encourage readers by adding a three-dimensional character
  • Help readers recall the story and describe the characters

What Merrymaker dolls are available from BTSB?

Click here for a full list, or check out the dolls below.

Merrymaker doll Title/Series Links and notes Images
Bad Kitty Bad Kitty Multiple sizes available – Bad Kitty 8″ (BTSB Stock No. I00003) Bad Kitty 20" Merrymaker
Ballet Cat Ballet Cat Ballet Cat, 10″ (BTSB Stock No. I00052)
Bear Bear Snores On Bear Snores On, 8″ (BTSB Stock No. I00048)
Biscuit Biscuit The Puppy Biscuit, 10″ (BTSB Stock No. I00036)
Biscuit Hand Puppet Biscuit The Puppy Biscuit Hand Puppet, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00055)
Bunny Bunny Slopes Bunny Slopes, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00040)
Captain Underpants Captain Underpants Captain Underpants, 8″ (BTSB Stock No. I00004) Captain Underpants Merrymaker
Chester The Kissing Hand The Kissing Hand, Chester Racoon (BTSB Stock No. I00049)
Clark The Shark Clark The Shark Clark The Shark, 9.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00051)
Dog Man Dog Man Dog Man, 9.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00053)
Dragons Love Tacos Dragons Love Tacos Dragons Love Tacos, 10″ (BTSB Stock No. I00037)
Duck & Goose Duck & Goose Duck & Goose, doll pair, 9″ each (BTSB Stock No. I00005) Duck & Goose Merrymakers
Fly Guy Fly Guy Multiple sizes available – Fly Guy 8″ (BTSB Stock No. I00008) Fly Guy Merrymaker
Found Floppy Bunny Found Found Floppy Bunny, 11″ (BTSB Stock No. I00009) Found Floppy Bunny Merrymaker
Froggy Froggy Froggy, 11″ (BTSB Stock No. I00010) Froggy Merrymaker
Gaston Gaston Gaston, 9.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00039)
Construction Site
Goodnight, Goodnight,
Construction Site
Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site (BTSB Stock No. I00045)
Grumpy Bird Grumpy Bird Grumpy Bird, 5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00041)
How Do Dinosaurs … How Do Dinosaurs … “How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night,” 14″ (BTSB Stock No. I00011); “How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You,” 14″ (BTSB Stock No. I00012) How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You MerrymakerHow Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night Merrymaker
Ladybug Girl Ladybug Girl Ladybug Girl, 10″ (BTSB Stock No. I00046)
Lilly Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse Lilly,12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00015) Lily Merrymaker
Little Critter Little Critter Little Critter, 11″ (BTSB Stock No. I00016) Little Critter Merrymaker
Little Elliot Little Elliot Little Elliot, 9″ (BTSB Stock No. I00043)
Louise Louise Loves Art Louise Loves Art, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00047)
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, 10″ (BTSB Stock No. I00050)
Olivia Olivia Multiple sizes available – Olivia 11″ (BTSB Stock No. I00019); Olivia 20″ (BTSB Stock No. I00018) Olivia Merrymaker
Otis Otis The Tractor Otis The Tractor, 7″ (BTSB Stock No. I00020) Otis Merrymaker
And Pinecone
Penguin And Pinecone Penguin And Pinecone, 6″ (BTSB Stock No. I00042)
Penny Penny And Her Song Penny, 10.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00021) Penny Merrymaker
Pete Pete The Cat Multiple sizes and versions available. Pete The Cat 14.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00022), Pete The Cat 28″ (BTSB Stock No. I00023); Pete The Cat: Bedtime Blues, 14.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00024) Pete The Cat Merrymakers
Pete The Cat Bedtime Blues Merrymaker
Pete Jr. Pete The Cat Pete Jr., 13″ (BTSB Stock No. I00035)
Pout Pout Fish Pout Pout Fish Multiple sizes available – Pout Pout Fish 9″ (BTSB Stock No. I00027); Pout Pout Fish 22″ (BTSB Stock No. I00026) Pout Pout Fish Merrymaker
Rocket How Rocket Learned To Read Multiple sizes available – Rocket 8.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00014); Rocket 20″ (BTSB Stock No. I00013) Rocket Merrymaker
Ruby Max and Ruby Ruby, 9.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00028) Ruby Merrymaker
Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel Scaredy Squirrel Puppet, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00029) Scaredy Squirrel Merrymakers
Skippyjon Jones Skippyjon Jones Skippyjon Jones, 8″ (BTSB Stock No. I00030) Skippyjon Jones Merrymaker
Snowy Day Doll The Snowy Day Snowy Day Doll, 15″ (BTSB Stock No. I00031) Snowy Day Merrymaker
Steam Train,
Dream Train
Steam Train, Dream Train Steam Train, Dream Train Giraffe (BTSB Stock No. I00044)
Strega Nona Strega Nona Strega Nona, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00032) Strega Nona Merrymaker
They All Saw A Cat They All Saw A Cat They All Saw A Cat, 12″ (BTSB Stock No. I00054) Coming soon!
You Are (Not) Small You Are (Not) Small You Are Not Small Doll Pair (BTSB Stock No. I00038)
Z Is For Moose Doll Z Is For Moose Z Is For Moose, 11.5″ (BTSB Stock No. I00033) Z Is For Moose Merrymaker