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Bound to Stay Bound is the foremost bindery in the U.S. when it comes to children's books. BTSB offers a wide range of services and guarantees to make sure that our prebound books last longer than any other editions available on the market.

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Andy Plemmons regarding service from BTSB:

"Not every company has great customer service and in the busy lives of school librarians we need a company that will stand behind us and support the work that we are doing in our schools."

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Get any of hundreds of Bound to Stay Bound titles, each for $6.50 or less! Our overstock sale is happening right now.

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View the latest print catalog, and all the other fine resources BTSB has to offer. From our Cream of the Crop - Curriculum Tie Ins to our Library Corner updates, we're here to help you get more out of your library! All brochures are in PDF format.

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New Board Books

Don’t miss board books with BTSB’s unique covers!

Your favorite board book titles are now available from Bound to Stay Bound, complete with KidProof™ covers and BTSB's library corners! Your favorite books now come with BTSB durability.

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MerryMakers rotator

Get huggable dolls of your favorite book characters

Bound to Stay Bound is pleased to offer MerryMakers character dolls! Dolls are based on a selection of beloved children's book characters.

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Resources and handbooks from Judy Freeman now available

Resources for Judy Freeman, a well-known speaker and writer on children's literature, are available from Bound to Stay Bound! See her BER titles as well as titles from The 2015 Winners! Handbook.

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Series Alerts

Get updated whenever a new series title comes out

Bound to Stay Bound will put your library on alert! Sign up for our series alert mailing list and keep your pulse on the big titles coming out in popular series.

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BTSB books face the school bus.

The Book Durability Challenge begins

Bound to Stay Bound recently took our books to a nearby school and put them to one of the ultimate tests -- could they survive an encounter with a school bus?

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Classroom sets

Order your book sets with customized covers now

Order any book -- even books not in Bound to Stay Bound's inventory -- as a book set and we'll add custom district or school logos for free! Save time and money by ordering quantities of 25 books or greater for the library or classroom in a quality binding with an unconditional guarantee.

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Processing packages

Processing services from Bound to Stay Bound

Bound to Stay Bound offers a wide variety of processing services on our prebound books, including reading program labels, genre stickers, and much more. Processing packages are customizable and can be changed according to the needs of your school, district, or library at any time!

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Start your curriculum search today

Looking for help finding material that matches state standards? Bound to Stay Bound has you covered with our curriculum-specific search.

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News Stories

  • 8/18/17

    Genghis Khan died on August 18, 1227 in Western Xia at the age of 65.

    Over his lifetime he was responsible for starting the extensive Mongol Empire, the deaths of millions in battle and for fathering anywhere from a 1000 to 2000 children. This new biography for young readers explains what we know about this important historical figure. Genghis Khan: Fierce Mongolian Conqueror, by P.V. Knight, published by Gareth Stevens in 2017, ages 9-12, 32 pp., BTSB# 525580, $15.27. A biography of Genghis Khan "the greatest of rulers, emperor of all men," a Mongolian nomad awarded this title after leading his people to victory in Asia at the turn of the thirteenth century.
  • 8/18/17

    The 19th Amendment to the U.S.

    Constitution, giving women the right to vote, was ratified on August 18, 1920. The story of how this came about and the effects it had on American life are told in this new book for young readers. The 19th Amendment, by Laura Loria, published by Britannica in 2017, ages 7-10, 32 pp., BTSB# 587756, $24.84. An introduction to the 19th Amendment, including women's rights today, the fight for women's suffrage around the world, and more.
  • 8/18/17

    NEW SERIES ALERT - Newsmakers

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