Analyzing your library's book collection just got easier with BTSB's new 
SmartSearch® Tool

Use SmartSearch® Tool  to create library book collections that are balanced, appropriate, and support the curriculum and intellectual needs of your students and your school.

The balanced collection percentages are based on the work of David V. Loertscher and district librarians using a 15 book to student ratio.

The SmartSearch® Tool  offers the most advanced book collection development currently available.  You can upload and analyze your school’s book collection, and then find the best books that you require for your specific library.

SmartSearch® Tool  can be used to create a 5-year plan for developing a book collection that your students and school needs. It also has the tools for developing various charts and budgets to present to your school community to get the funding you will need to achieve your goals.

Once your collection is uploaded, you can search the BTSB database to find the books you need  to balance your collection, fit a specific budget, fill in titles missing in a series, and much more.

Start using the SmartSearch® Tool  by logging in to your BTSB Bookstore account – My Bookstore – My Collections

These charts/graphs are included in your SmartSearch® Tool Analysis