The History of BTSB

BTSB President Robert L. Sibert narrates
Bound to Stay Bound’s company history and showcases photographs from throughout the company’s history
in this ten minute video.

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BTSB Timeline

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220 South Main Street

Lawrence D. Sibert and William Suhy founded New Method Book Bindery on the second floor of 220 South Main in Jacksonville, Illinois.
(Formerly Degan’s Dance Hall)

Oversewing Machine Invention

W. Elmo Reavis, a bookbinder from Los Angeles, California, invents the oversewing machine.



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Newbery Award

The first Newbery Award for children’s literature is given to
Hendrik Willem van Loon for The Story of Mankind.



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201 South Kosciusko

The company moves its operations to a larger building at 201 South Kosciusko.
(Formerly Brown's Business College.)

LBI Standards

The American Library Association, with the help of Lawrence D. Sibert and other library binders, publish their first specifications for Library and School Book Binding.​

201 South Kosciusko


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Promotional Item

Surviving sample of a 1927 promotional calendar for
New Method Book Bindry, Inc.

1927 mini calendar


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201 South Kosciusko Addition

Build 1,200 square-foot addition to the front side of the building
where the porch and stairs used to be.



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201-209 South Kosciusko Addition

Purchase adjacent property, 209 S. Kosciusko, and built a two-story 13,440 square-foot addition.

1931 two-story addition


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Library Binding Institute

Lawrence D. Sibert helps establish the national Library Binding Institute.


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Robert F. Sibert

Robert F. Sibert joins the firm after graduation from Illinois College.


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Companies Merge

New Method purchases Ward Brothers bindery.

Roller Skating

The company’s employees begin roller-skating to pick orders.

1937 Roller Skaters


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Ferdinand The Bull

First souvenir created – a Disney Character, Ferdinand the Bull.

Caldecott Award

The first Caldecott Award for an illustrated children’s book is awarded to Dorothy Lathrop for Animals of the Bible.

1938 Ferdinand the Bull


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American Library Association

American Library Association / Library Binding Institute issues
the first prebound specifications.


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Robert F. Sibert

Robert F. Sibert becomes Assistant General Manager and Production Manager.



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Lawrence D. Sibert

Lawrence D. Sibert elected LBI President 1941-1946.


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World War II

Robert F. Sibert returns after 5 years in the
U. S. Army during World War II.


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Hertzberg-New Method, Inc.

A new company, Hertzberg-New Method, is formed to take over rebinding operations of New Method Book Bindery.


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School Library Journal

The magazine School Library Journal is founded.


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The Story of a Book

Bound to Stay Bound, The Story of a Book, by Melvin Summerfield, describes for children the company binding process.

Lawrence D. Sibert Honored

Lawrence D. Sibert honored at LBI twentieth annual meeting.

Prebound Book Club

Prebound Book Club initiated to offer savings to librarians
on purchase of popular titles.

1956 Story of a Book Melvin Summerfield
1956 Library Book Club


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Poster Contest

New Method Elementary School Library Poster Contest.

1957 Poster Contest


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1880 West Morton Avenue

New 43,100 square-foot plant constructed at
1800 West Morton, Jacksonville, Illinois.

LBI President

Robert F. Sibert elected LBI President.

First Computer

First computer installed at New Method, an IBM 1401.

1959 Morton Plant


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Endpaper Sealing Machine

Lawrence D. Sibert patents the endpaper sealing machine.

Employee Pension

The first employee pension plan was established.

The Magic Book

The firm produces “The Magic Book” film to educate children
in proper book care.

1962 Endleaf Machine


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Robert F. Sibert President

Robert F. Sibert named President and General Manager.
Lawrence D. Sibert elected Chairman.

Library Processing

Library processing department is established.


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Elementary Act

Elementary and Secondary Education Act passed.


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Bound to Stay Bound

Name changed from New Method Book Bindery, Inc.
to Bound to Stay Bound Books.


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Picture Covers

BTSB starts printing some of its own illustrated book covers.


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Robert L. Sibert

Robert L. Sibert joins the firm.

1880 West Morton Avenue Addition​

Fifth addition (9,600 square feet) to the West Morton facility, constructed for cover printing operations.


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Lawrence D. Sibert

Lawrence D. Sibert passes away.


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Sharon Zuiderveld

Sharon Zuiderveld hired as librarian to do in-house cataloging and the company begins to create its own catalog cards and pockets.


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Scholarship Program

Bound to Stay Bound’s first librarian scholarship awarded, providing financial assistance for the education of men and women who intend to pursue an MLS or advanced degree and who plan to work in the area of library service to children. First recipient – Megan MacDonald.


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Library Corner Newsletter

Creation of the Library Corner newsletter.



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Online Ordering

Online ordering initiated with the BTSB Connection.


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Information Power Teleconference

Sponsored AASL Information Power Teleconference II


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Industry of the Year Award

Bound to Stay Bound receives the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce
“Industry of the Year” award.



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Lab Testing

Initiate testing laboratory for bookbinding materials.


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President Robert L. Sibert

Robert L. Sibert succeeds his father as President.

Sponsor AASL

Sponsored AASL Administrators Program.


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Bar codes and electronic cataloging format offered to librarians on orders.


All covers produced in-house.


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Compact Discoverer

The Compact Discoverer, catalog on CD-ROM, is first created.


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1880 West Morton Avenue Addition

Eighth addition constructed (8,880 square feet) for more warehouse space and a larger order processing department increasing the building from original 43,000 to 107,000 square feet.

Library Binding Standard

Library Binding Standard becomes an ANSI/NISO/LBI standard.

LBI President

Robert L. Sibert elected LBI President.


Books on CD-ROM offered.


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New Dimension Media

New Dimension Media video business purchased.


Double Fanned Adhesive binding style is added to accommodate narrow margined books.


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AASL Travel Grant

Start providing AASL Travel Grants for first-time attendance at the AASL Conference.


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Robert F. Sibert

Robert F. Sibert passes away.

Program Recognition

Illinois State Board of Education 1998 Business-Education Partnership Recognition Program Honorable Mention.

Employee Scholarship

BTSB Books Employee Scholarships started at Illinois College.

Information Power Teleconference

Sponsors the AASL Information Power Teleconference.


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AASL Outreach

Sponsors AASL Outreach to Principals Program.


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Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award

ALSC/Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award is established through the American Library Association.



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Crystal Apple Award

Bound to Stay Bound receives the American Association of School Librarians Crystal Apple Award.



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No Child Left Behind

Sponsors the AASL No Child Left Behind Flyer.


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Business of the Year

Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award.


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Start Digitally Printing Covers on a MGI Press.

PUR Adhesive

Start PUR Binding on narrow margin titles.


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KidProof Material

Discontinued buckram book covers. All covers printed using KidProof.


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Crystal Apple Award

Robert L. Sibert receives the American Association of School Librarians Crystal Apple Award.



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Jean Srnecz Award

Robert L. Sibert received the 3rd Jean Srnecz Award from the Educational Book & Media Association.


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Pillar Award

Association of Illinois School Library Educators awards Bound to Stay Bound with the Pillar Award.

Digital Printing

Transition to digitally printing covers instead of offset printing is completed.


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AASL District Kits

Bound to Stay Bound partners with the American Association of School Librarians to distribute Professional Development Kits to help implement the National School Library Standards.


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Centennial Celebration!

Bound to Stay Bound celebrates its 100th Anniversary on 1-20-2020.