Education is of the utmost importance to society. It is the primary way society has renewed and improved itself throughout history. In turn, education depends upon the ready availability of the vast pool of information humanity has accumulated over the centuries. Much of this information resides in libraries.

Therefore to support the informational needs of society, the Bound to Stay Bound Mission is as follows.

  • To provide through constant improvement, the best juvenile books, media products and related services to the libraries of North America, as closely matched to their needs as possible and as economically as possible;
  • To treat customers, employees and suppliers with fairness and respect, as we would expect to be treated under similar circumstances;
  • To earn a profit that will protect and enhance the financial well-being of our shareholders, as well as enabling us to competitively and fairly reward our employees for their efforts;
  • To be an asset and a force for improvement in our community and our industry.