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ALA YMA Awards

Check out the BTSB Bookstore for the 2024 award-winning books.

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Board Books

BTSB offers board books that are encased with a BTSB KidProof cover ensuring a longer life.

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Bookmark Bundles

A variety of bookmarks digitally printed on BTSB KidProof cover material to be used in makerspaces and libraries. 50 bookmarks per bundle.

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Companion Items

BTSB offers a selection of eye-catching bookmarks, signage, and posters.

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Library Dewey Decimal Signage

These eye-catching, vibrant posters help to inform library visitors about the Dewey® Decimal system.

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Dictionaries & Thesauruses

BTSB can provide high quality durable Dictionaries & Thesauruses.

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Large Print Books

Large print books are a classroom literacy tool that provides a strong foundation in reading and helps to unify literacy and learning experiences for all students.

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Engage and encourage readers by adding a plush three-dimensional character.

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Novel Sets

Special discounted pricing on quantities of 30 books or greater.

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Paperback Books

Get multiple copies of high demand titles from BTSB in our durable prebound edition AND in a cost effective paperback edition. The less expensive paperback will allow your library to purchase a larger quantity of those high demand books, while our BTSB prebound edition will give you a book that will last for years to come for your library shelf.

Personalized Bookmarks

BTSB is offering personalized bookmarks created just for you made out of our durable Kidproof™ cover material. All bookmarks are two-sided and surface washable.
Every bookmark is completely customizable for your library.


Over 6,700 PLAYAWAY® audio books available.

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BTSB Difference

Bound to Stay Bound is the foremost bindery in the U.S. when it comes to children's books. BTSB offers a wide range of services and guarantees to make sure that our prebound books last longer than any other editions available on the market.

BTSB Select

BTSB SELECT automatically populates your favorite AUTHORS and/or SERIES books directly into your BTSB BOOK LISTS page. This FREE service keeps you completely engaged with the NEWEST titles in these two popular categories.

BTSB Self-Select

BTSB SELF-SELECT is a book subscription service where at the beginning of the school budget year a customer decides on the terms of their subscription. BTSB invoices the customer, the customer picks titles within their allowance budget, and the specified titles are delivered monthly throughout the school year.


Links to our Showcase Magazine, Popular Series & Lists, National Awards, State Award Lists, Cream of the Crop, and Hot Titles!

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Collection Analysis with SmartSearch® Tool

Use SmartSearch® Tool to create library book collections that are balanced, appropriate, and support the curriculum and intellectual needs of your students and your school.

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Cost Per Circulation

As economic realities dictate that library administrators operate more efficiently, Bound to Stay Bound books become more valuable to your collection. One of the most important factors in the operating equation is cost per circulation.!

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Customized Covers

Order 30 or more copies of the same title and BTSB will digitally print your school or district logo on the book cover for FREE!

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Educational Resources for At Home Learning

Bound to Stay Bound understands that during these unprecedented school closures students still need to learn and challenge their brains. New information will be added daily.


BTSB offers over 20,000 high quality books in our durable KidProof™ covers. BTSB prebound books are unconditionally guaranteed against imperfections in the binding or errors in processing.

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Opening A New Library?

BTSB's 100 years of experience can make your job easier.

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Processing Services

A wide variety of customized processing services are available.

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Series Alerts

Keep your finger on the pulse of recent releases with help from BTSB!

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Support Request

Submit a Support Request online and one of our Customer Support Representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

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Support Our Library

Support Our Library is a free web donation service offering schools a unique way to add new books from your library's wish list into your collection.

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