Services available from Bound to Stay Bound:


Processing services

Genre labelsBound to Stay Bound offers processing services and packages including the following:

  • Laminated Jackets
  • Spine Stamping
  • Spine labels, genre stickers, and color coding
  • Date due slips and catalog cards
  • Reading Program Support
  • Security System Support
  • MARC records

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Common Core support

Common Core State StandardsBound to Stay Bound wants to make Common Core or other state standard compliance easier for you and anyone in your school, district, or library.

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SOS Library

SOS LibraryS.O.S Library offers schools a unique way to add new books into library collections even with a restricting budget. Get started in just a few easy steps.

  1. Get approval to establish a program through your administration or school board.
  2. Generate an S.O.S. Library Code from the BTSB Bookstore and begin creating your wish list.
  3. Sign up for S.O.S. Library at and create your custom web site and establish your wish list of books.
  4. Receive your startup kit to advertise your program within the community, families and businesses and run your program.
  5. Receive new books for your library.

Read more about SOS Library here.


Classroom sets

Classroom SetSave time and money by ordering quantities of 25 books or greater for the library or classroom in a quality binding with an unconditional guarantee. The higher the quantity ordered, the greater the savings!

You provide the author, title, ISBN and quantity for any title, including titles not listed in the BTSB inventory, and Bound to Stay Bound will provide a quote.

Added bonus:  BTSB will add your school or district logo to the front or back cover of your set of books for FREE!

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Textbook rebinding

Textbook rebinding

Above, a new and rebound textbook from BTSB, and below, an old and worn textbook ready for rebinding.

Are your old textbooks looking a bit worn out? Bound to Stay Bound is proud to offer textbook rebinding services. Send us at least 25 of any one textbook title and we’ll rebind them with our beautiful, kid-proof picture covers and our unique library corners. Bound to Stay Bound books are guaranteed to last longer.

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Collection Analysis

Collection AnalysisNeed a breakdown of the books in your library? We happily provide collection analysis services to librarians who send their data to BTSB. We analyze books by publication dates, subject areas, books per student, and more. Our collection analysis also offers librarians suggestions on how best to expand their collection.


As part of our collections services, we have a feature which will compare the MARC records from your library with titles currently available on If you’re not sure whether or not you already have a title in stock, DupCheck can save you precious time and money.

Learn more about our collections analysis and dupcheck services.