Bound to Stay Bound is pleased to offer a selection of huggable dolls
based on favorite children’s book characters.
What can you do with a MerryMakers doll?
  • Pair with related titles for leveled and genre-focused reading
  • Build confidence and alleviate anxiety
  • Use as a prop to promote orderly discussion
  • Engage and encourage readers by adding a three-dimensional character
  • Help readers recall the story and describe the characters

4 NEW MerryMakers Dolls added this season!

MerryMakers Dolls currently available!


10" Doll

Dragons Love Tacos

GIANT 20" Doll

Fly Guy Merrymaker

Fly Guy

8" Doll

Froggy Merrymaker


11" Doll


7.5" Doll

Good Egg / Bad Seed

11" Flip Doll


Good Rosie!

10" Doll

Ladybug Girl

10" Doll


Lola Dutch

10" Doll

I00062 - Narwhal And Jelly

Narwhal & Jelly Finger Puppets

Narwhal is 7.5" and Jelly is 3"



8" Doll with
18" Wingspan

You Are (Not) Small

9" Doll & 6" Doll