Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 03/15/2018 The life of Jacqueline Kennedy gets a stylish treatment here, but as the book shows, “She was steel under all that beauty and style.” Beginning with her girlhood love of horses, it follows Jackie as she travels, works for a newspaper, meets and marries John Kennedy, becomes an international icon as First Lady, and finds a life as a book editor following JFK’s assassination. The text moves briskly but is sometimes careless. For instance, it was in France that President Kennedy called himself the man who accompanied Jackie to Paris, not in the U.S., as Cardillo states; it’s a stretch to say that before her restoration of the White House, “America’s most historic home had no history in it”; and an unlikely thought attributed to Jackie, “I’m going to lead the country,” is not sourced. But the text does reveal her spirit, and readers will be attracted by watercolor-and-ink pictures that charm throughout. Kennedy’s sparkle is apparent, whether she’s reading or chatting with dignitaries. A two-page spread of Jackie in different outfits will make fashionistas swoon. An enticing introduction. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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