Bound To Stay Bound

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School Library Journal - 05/01/2018 PreS-Gr 4—This lushly illustrated ode to outdoor play and nature should inspire even the most reluctant couch potato to get out and "run wild." A young girl runs past the window of a boy engrossed in some portable screen, inviting him to "OPEN that door and…Chase the wind…Can you grab it?" She has plenty of other suggestions about how to have fun outside like jumping in the mud, running wild, exploring, going for a swim, and observing the wildlife. "Take a deep breath. 1–2-3! Be a fish in the salty sea. Now, UP for air! Just float there…Waves. Rolling. Daydreams. Flowing." There are birds, beetles, worms, clams, butterflies, chipmunks, and slugs to see. The back blurb reveals that Covell "grew up in the wilds of Maine and only came home when it was time for dinner." The joys and wonders of his childhood are vividly recalled in this invigorating, celebratory poem. Full spreads in bold, impressionistic pen-and-ink and watercolor images reflect the movement and freedom of the outdoors. VERDICT A perfect choice for units on country life, nature, the environment, or healthy living. Well-suited to storytime and small group sharing.—Barbara Auerbach, Formerly at New York City Public Schools - Copyright 2018 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 05/15/2018 Summertime! Freedom! Running through the woods and along the beach with nothing to do but enjoy the day. Author-illustrator Covell imparts an ideal image of a magical, carefree childhood day where just being alive is exciting. Two children, a girl and a boy, only cease running when they stop to cool off in the tranquil azure sea. Otherwise, the energy abounds as the two experience the natural world, including a thunderous storm. Crayon-and-watercolor pictures are filled with color and movement as the pair encounter critters including butterflies, beetles, a slug, and a ground squirrel, while constantly being followed by an inquisitive bird. Short sentences, some with question marks and others with exclamation marks, flow easily and keep pace with the children’s feet: “Chase the wind . . . Can you grab it? Go ahead . . . Race a rabbit!” They run, literally, to the end of day, when the moon appears and it’s time for the adventure to wind down. A perfect invitation to go out and explore nature. - Copyright 2018 Booklist.

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