Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 09/15/2017 An innocent trip to NASA takes an unpredictable turn when a black hole follows 10-year-old Stella Rodriguez home. Stella’s mission had been to give Carl Sagan a recording of her father’s laughter to be used on the Voyager Golden Record, the ultimate memorial, but instead of a meeting with Sagan, she’s ended up with the world’s weirdest pet. For the most part, Larry (short for Singularity) is quiescent, calmly absorbing things that cross his path, learning the odd command from Stella, and sleeping at the foot of her bed. One desperate night, he becomes a receptacle for all the items that painfully remind Stella of her father, with unforeseen consequences. After Larry accidentally eats the family’s dog, Stella stages a rescue that launches her and her little brother into the black hole’s inky abyss. As much a journey of grief and healing as literal adventure, Cuevas’ story is both touching and funny. Stella must confront her feelings about her beloved father’s death, and in the process, she learns to appreciate the family she has left. - Copyright 2017 Booklist.

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