Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 01/01/2017 Virgo may only be 1,964, but she’s certain she’s mature enough to deliver an elixir to an immortal prisoner on Earth. So it surely can’t be her fault when she crash lands on a farm and meets Elliot, who happens to follow her and accidentally releases the daemon Thanatos. Right? Now the other Constellations have stripped her of her powers, until she can return Thanatos to prison. Elliot’s life is already complicated as he tries to care for his ill mum while saving the family farm, so Virgo’s arrival—and her ineptitude toward Earth customs—just adds one more egg to his overflowing basket. With the help of the all-powerful, but retired, Zeus and a ragtag team of Olympians, can the young heroes thwart Thanatos’ evil plans? While Elliot’s epic adventures with Virgo will keep the pages turning, his growth as he learns to reach out for help in the most unlikely places keeps the story nicely grounded. Evans gives mythology fans a hilarious and heartening new series that can satisfy their Percy Jackson cravings. - Copyright 2017 Booklist.

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