Bound To Stay Bound

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School Library Journal - 02/01/2020 K-Gr 2—Let's get ready to wrestle! In this corner, brother and sister duo Peanut Brother and Jellyfish are ready to square off against Dangerous Daddo and bedtime. But unexpected surprises and appearances ramp up the event to new heights. Wrestlefest serves as a great allegory for the struggles of getting everyone ready for bed, but also shows a loving family being silly with each other. The bright color palette makes the characters stand out against an often solid background, and is equally impressive during the wrestling scenes. Artist Player mixes anime-style action shots, complete with extreme close-ups, with sweet scenes of hugs and kisses. The family is depicted as having light brown skin, and it is implied that mom works outside the home and dad is the primary caregiver. VERDICT A solid purchase for most libraries, and a delightful bedtime pick.—Peter Blenski, Hartland Public Library, WI - Copyright 2020 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 01/01/2020 For a certain brown-skinned suburban family, the weekend means just one thing: Friday Night Wrestlefest and the Battle to the Bedtime! Unseen ringside announcers narrate as, in a living room turned wrestling ring, Dangerous Daddoo (“He’s mad. He’s bad. He’s DAD!”) squares off against the Tag Team Twins and Big Bald Baby. Following a salvo of kisses, Daddoo is poised to win, until Mama-Rama’s surprise arrival turns the tide. She double-crosses Daddoo, all but ending bedtime—until Big Bald Baby unleashes a “Clear-the-Room Diaper of Doom!” Fox’s unconventional bedtime book is bold, bright, and buzzing with energy, thanks to the punchy text and dynamic illustrations. This one is more an ode to roughhousing and family fun than to pro wrestling, but Player’s creative character designs will inspire young readers to invent their own in-ring personae. A well-executed romp, perfect for those little movers who need to burn some energy before finally hitting the mat(tress). - Copyright 2020 Booklist.

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