Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 04/15/2021 Reluctantly, Lucas goes along with his parents’ plan to send him to summer camp on the moon. And just as he expects, it’s a dud. Experiencing zero gravity in the rocket ship makes him feel “barfy.” As the last kid to disembark, he’s assigned a wall-mounted sleeping bag (the bunk beds were taken), and the only activity still available: “looking at rocks.” But when the next group of campers arrives and Lucas notices Sam, who looks similarly homesick and miserable, they quickly bond. Everything seems brighter with a friend. Soon they’re enjoying nature walks, campfires, and their own “super-double-decker blanket fort.” Later, back on Earth, Lucas smiles, remembering moon camp and planning to return next summer. It’s a classic summer camp plotline, with an imaginative, space-age twist that adds immediate appeal. In childlike sentences (“There’s no video games or oxygen or ANYTHING fun”), the first-person text conveys Lucas' shifting emotions throughout the story. Featuring firm, black outlines, Gott’s cartoonlike illustrations use warm colors particularly effectively within gray, lunar-surface settings. An inviting, amusing picture book. - Copyright 2021 Booklist.

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