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School Library Journal - 12/01/2014 Gr 2–4—This engaging book provides facts about 14 well-known species, including hippos, kangaroos, vultures, tarantulas, jellyfish, and hummingbirds. Each animal is given a colorful spread with photographs and several factoids. There's a lot of fascinating information here. A hummingbird's heart can beat up to 1,260 times per minute, and they weigh less than a penny. Sand tiger sharks are about three feet long at birth and will generally have about 3,000 teeth, losing and replacing about 1,000 per year. Sloths are related to anteaters and sleep up to 18 hours a day. This book is a fast, enjoyable read, with most of the eye-catching photographs supplied by the author. Those seeking more in-depth information will need to look elsewhere. However, this is a useful supplement to more encyclopedic works and a solid choice for readers looking for a brief taste of the animal kingdom.—Roxanne Burg, Orange County Public Library, CA - Copyright 2014 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 01/01/2015 Is there anything more satisfying than astounding friends with an obscure animal fact? Given the popularity of weird-animal-fact books for kids, it seems unlikely. This eye-catching volume is a great place to start for those new to the animal-fact game, helped along in no small part by the thoughtful layout and appealing illustrations. Loy sticks to fairly familiar animals, such as jellyfish, warthogs, sloths, and vultures, a roster of creatures more likely to be recognized by the youngest set. Each two-page spread is festooned with full-color well-reproduced photos of an animal and a handful of fascinating facts sure to pique kids’ interests. For instance, “A penny is heavier than a hummingbird”; “Tarantulas have retractable claws”; and “An adult giraffe’s kick is so powerful it can decapitate a lion.” Close-ups of animals eating, swimming, bathing, and making funny faces only add to the jaunty appeal. This is a perfect fit for animal-lovers, and the very browsable format will also suit emerging readers. A list of resources for animal facts—all websites—is included in the back matter. - Copyright 2015 Booklist.

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