Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 12/15/2014 Each of the new titles in the Eyewitness to History series spotlights a notable figure of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America. Despite the titles, these are not autobiographies but biographies that make excellent use of the many quotes from their subjects and, sometimes, their contemporaries speaking about them. A typical two-page section looks at a particular time, event, or issue in the person’s life and includes at least one quote in the main text or a related feature. Illustrated with well-chosen archival photos, these slender books pack in a surprising amount of relevant information about the people profiled and the social context of their times. Malcolm X looks at this leader’s background, his approach to civil rights for black Americans, and his role in the movement. A concise, readable, and informative series of biographies for young people. - Copyright 2014 Booklist.

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