Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 12/15/2013 You only have to close your eyes / And when you snuggle in . . . / You’ll be carried to your dream tonight / On wing or paw or fin. As children cuddle up with their special stuffed animal in their cozy beds, dreams come to carry them off on adventures. One boy’s bear takes him to bake fabulous pastries to serve to some peculiar fairy tale friends. A girl encircled by fireflies rides a red fox to a magical forest, where she plays the banjo with an elf orchestra hidden in an underground hollow. Whether taking tea with mermaids in pale green waters, flying over a prehistoric world on a winged bicycle, or painting the stars while resting on the moon, these dreams suggest delightful and fantastical experiences. Martin sketches the sleeping children in black-and-white and renders the enchanting scenes of their dreams in vivid color. A sweet and lyrical bedtime story. - Copyright 2013 Booklist.

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