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School Library Journal - 04/01/2021 K-Gr 3—Each title in this series begins with a brief description of the ecosystem and the idea that energy passes through the food web. Examples of organisms at each level are introduced—producers, consumers, decomposers. The narrative builds up from plants to apex predators and shows how everything is connected, emphasizing that if one species disappears it will affect the entire web. Illustrations show a variety of life within the ecosystem, not just those mentioned in the text. They include interesting details without being overly gory; several of the animals have almost human expressions of surprise on their faces as they are caught by predators. Supporting material includes a glossary, a diagram of the food web with color-coded arrows identifying the trophic level of each component, and suggested websites. VERDICT A good introduction for early elementary students. - Copyright 2021 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

Booklist - 05/15/2021 These titles in the Ecosystems Food Webs series (6 titles) introduce early readers to the general concepts surrounding food webs, placing focus on “how energy moves between the plants and animals.” Each book covers one specific ecosystem, similarly laying out a logical progression of feeding, beginning with producer plants, moving on to secondary producers, apex predators, and the scavengers and decomposers that keep the circle of life turning. Arctic takes readers to the frigid tundra, tracking the feeding cycle through the seasons. The approach here is straightforward, utilizing simple sentences in short paragraphs to relate general information directly to readers. Gray’s inviting illustrations capture the splendor of the natural settings as well as the ferocity of predators, while keeping scenes gentle with softened animal expressions and tasteful imagery—even when dealing with death and decomposition. Back matter includes a short glossary and a flow chart tracking the energy as it moves from decomposers up to apex predators, but the main body of the book lacks visual aids or even bolded terms, making this fit for only the most basic, conversational introduction. - Copyright 2021 Booklist.

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