Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 01/01/2017 Much admired by the other sheep on the farm, Lola spends hours cleaning and brushing her lustrous wool. But one hot day, all the sheep are shorn. Feeling embarrassed without her wool, Lola walks away to be alone. Gradually, her wool grows back into a messy tangle. An egg falls from a nest into the soft wool on her head. Lola awakens to find a little bird, who becomes her playful companion. But when hot weather comes, the bird flies off to see the world, and Lola returns to the farm for her annual haircut. Adding gentle humor and a good deal of quirky charm to the precisely worded text, the illustrations show the sheep walking on two legs, sitting on furniture, and drinking from glasses with straws. Whether it’s the soft, tangled texture of her wool, the colorful, balloonlike crowns of trees, or the eloquence of Lola’s expressions, kids will find plenty to enjoy in the artwork. A pleasing choice for reading aloud in the classroom, the library, or the home. - Copyright 2017 Booklist.

School Library Journal - 04/01/2017 K-Gr 2—Lola is a chic sheep who grooms her wool into shiny, silky, untangled perfection. She receives admiring glances from the other animals as she sashays around the farmyard. When Lola's fleece is shorn in the spring, her sense of self is shattered. Feeling ridiculous without her lustrous locks, she decides to head to the far side of the hill and hide. Lola's wool grows back but in a wild, shaggy, messy manner. Gazing at her new hairdo, broken comb by her side, Lola wails, "It's HORRIBLE!" In her vexed state, she doesn't notice a small blue egg fall out of its nest and land snuggly on her thick woolly head. A brightly feathered chick hatches, and a sweet friendship is formed. The bird thinks Lola's unruly, curly mane is wonderful, and Merino's charming watercolor illustrations show tender scenes of Lola lovingly sheltering her little pal from the rain. Lola returns to the farm wiser, content in knowing that "she didn't look perfect, but it didn't matter." VERDICT With aplomb, Lola shows that there are good hair days and bad hair days, but self-confidence comes from within. A fun seasonal read-aloud for storytime and one-on-one sharing.—Linda Ludke, London Public Library, Ont. - Copyright 2017 Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and/or School Library Journal used with permission.

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