Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 09/15/2016 With a peppy tone and magazine-like layout, titles in the Travel with the Great Explorers series introduce students to notable explorers and their journeys and invite them to consider what it might be like to travel with those trailblazers. Stanley and Livingstone covers the pair’s iconic exploration of Africa, though the disastrous effects of colonization and the slave trade are mentioned only in passing. Thanks to snappy headings and lots of graphics, each entry is undoubtedly eye-catching, although the thematic—rather than chronological—organization is sometimes haphazard, and many facts get repeated in each section. Though the lack of a significant critical lens is a drawback, the plethora of facts, maps, and writing prompts to encourage engagement will nonetheless be illuminating. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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