Bound To Stay Bound

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Booklist - 11/15/2016 There is unrest in Asgard, but rumors of war don’t prevent the Ten Realms Challenge, where disgraced Freya is allowed to compete in only two events. In the Three-Strike Sword Challenge, Freya is matched against a Dark Searcher with a grudge, but she acquits herself well—despite dying—and Odin restores her to full battle status. In return, he asks her to revisit Midgard (Earth) to retrieve a banished Valkyrie before the imminent war begins, and the trip opens Freya’s eyes to secrets about family and the capriciousness of gods. This sequel to Valkyrie (2016) returns familiar characters and introduces one or two more from Norse mythology, while also creating a compelling fictional story about connections between the generally white-winged Valkyries, who essentially deliver Odin’s reward for valor, and his dark-winged Dark Searchers henchmen, who apprehend immortal troublemakers. O’Hearn is at her best when advancing the plot through action and narrative, as opposed to dialogue that overtells and can be didactic. An author’s note gives background about Norse mythology and her few changes to it. - Copyright 2016 Booklist.

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